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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by dcfanatic, May 9, 2010.

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    Jason Garrett talks Romo and Dez on Sirius

    Last week on on DCFanatic Radio I spoke to Bryan Broaddus about the realistic expectations for Dez Bryant regarding his involvement in the Cowboys offense considering Jason Garrett's history with playing first year guys.

    During Felix Jones rookie season most of were wondering by week four how come Jason Garrett drafted the kid if he wasn't going to use him. We all watched that Skins loss and were baffled as to how he had no offensive touches after showing everyone during the first three weeks that he could be so explosive.

    But what about Tashard Choice? Well he played more out of necessity in 2008 because of injury. When you have no 'Choice' but to play a guy because no one else is available then it is what it is.

    Now last season we did see Kevin Ogletree and Jon Phillips get some time at the end of the season, but then we are still waiting for Martellus Bennett to have his breakout season.

    Are we worried that even if Dez wows the world in training camp that Jason Garrett will still be reluctant to make him a big part of the Cowboys offense just because he's a rookie?

    Here's Jason Garrett talking about Dez and Tony Romo on Sirius NFL Radio...

    Jason Garrett on Sirius NFL Radio

    I know one thing. This offense is loaded. There is a very good QB in place who seems to be getting better and the weapons are there to score enough points to win a lot of NFL games. Just as Romo has continued to grow as a QB I hope Garrett continues to grow as an offensive coordinator.

    And if Dez is 'doin work' in training camp then feed him the rock Redball.
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    link doesnt work
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    I just clicked it.

    Works fine.

    Maybe your settings.

    Right click and save as.
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    I usually just click it and listen..ill try saving it..thanks
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    Thanks for the write up and the clip.
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    You are welcome Theo.
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    good interview..

    going to be interesting to see how this "coach in waiting" thing works out for Jason Garrett
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    Thanks DC. Started listening about half a dozen times and keep getting distracted.

    Maybe one of these times I can get through it.
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    Jason Garrett is not the real issue whether or not if felix jones plays or dez. It all boils down to what Wade wants, and how much comfortable Tony Romo feels with dez. Thats the real key, quit putting it on jason garrett.

    If you remember wade said at one point, he didnt want to play felix till he was adapt at run blocking and pass blitz pickups. Wade has done that with every rookie. If you remember wade was forced to play felix on kickoff returns, then pressed to play choice at times.

    this all really boils down to what wade wants and how comfortable romo is with dez. Romo has got to spend a ton of time with these guys and get them up to par.

    Think about this, if Farve can and did get percy harvin ready to contribute, then so should wade and romo.

    this is where the real issue lies. Romo has got to stand up, spend more time working with these players and getting them ready. If roger staubach when he worked extra time with drew pearson and got him ready, then this has to be another level that romo must take responsibility for and step up getting these players ready, along with jason garrett, and wade.

    thats where the real issue lays.
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    Jason Garrett talks Romo and Dez on Sirius

    What great talents has he wasted in their first yr? Other than Felix Jones, we havent added any until now.

    There was also nothing wrong with the offense the first 3 games that yr. Romo had almost 900 yds passing. Barber had just a shade under 300 yds rushing (and a huge new contract). Nobody could cover Witten and Owens. Not getting him the ball any vs the Redskins was bad in hindsight, but some of that was because a certain WR was demanding he get the ball more, and was targeted something like 21 times for one game because of constant whining and complaining. Thats one of the main reasons that season was his last here.

    What about him? He was a 4th rd pick drafted to be the 3rd RB. He wasnt ever going to be more involved unless people got hurt. Once they did, he played more.

    And Bennett was a rookie in 2008, and we used him extensively.

    This stuff is so ridiculous that its not even worth discussing.

    Every RB isnt going to get 15 or 20 carries every week. Every WR or TE isnt going to catch 8-10 passes every week. Just because they dont, doesnt mean its a "failure" by the coaches or one specific coach to get somebody the ball.
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    Jason Garrett runs the offense joe. Don't kid yourelf. Anything you hear from Wade about how the guys will be playing is coming straight from Garrett's input in the meetings. And Garrett gets the input from his guys Skip Peete and Ray Sherman.

    Wade just listens when it comes to the offense.
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    Based on what we've learned in the past several years, that doesn't appear to be true. At least early on in Garrett's tenure, Wade had a significant amount of input. It would make sense, though, that as Garrett has learned the ropes, Wade has allowed him much more leeway.
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    hey buddy, i know that jason garrett runs the offense, but he has to get the ok from wade to do so to a degree

    remember what happened after the first game of the season, where wade said he had to fix the run defense after tampa bay ran on us at will

    wade said that was his fault, because he didnt run enough run blitz in preseason because he didnt want to get players hurt

    then wade had to fix the pass defense after the giant game because he has to play catch up after week 1 in tampa bay game because he didnt do what he was suppose to in training camp, because we all know how he runs training camp, like a cupcake

    then we lost the giant game because we didnt spend enough time on pass defense trying to play catch up after week 1

    then all season long wade said, he didnt want to play felix like his first year tilo he had to because of injuries on kickoff returners

    same thing on choise, wade says i dont trust him, on pass protection, but every time choice played he played pretty well,

    same thing on butler, wade said he played poorly,but when butler played and forced to because of injuries, butler had some key sacks in carolina game, remember that?

    same thing on the kicking situation, we played and played with folk, till jerry jones stepped in and did something about the kicker situation, snapper, holder etc,r

    remember out of 53 players we couldnt find a reliable holder except for romo

    this all goes back to wade, romo, jerry jones, and jason garrett

    wade is the head coach;

    he is suppose to get things done;
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    now that part hits the nail on the head, but practice time, amount of time you spend with players getting them ready, this is all wade's decision

    its up to wade to determine if jason and the other coaches are doing their job and getting them ready

    from past experiences, with felix on kickoffs, choice not playing, butler playing sparingly, folk being allowed to mess up over and over, sitting with crayton till jerry jones forced the issue with getting rossum and changing punt return responsibilites, this all to me among other stuff, wade is not spending enough time wiht the players getting them ready in OTAs, mini camp, and training camp, that part all lays at the doorstep of wade

    he is the head coach;

    he determines how much time you spend, on run blitz, pass blitz, and other formations, among other things

    its his job to be sure the coaches are doing their job, as well as doing his job, im sure you remember the mess we had with stewart our defensive coordinaor
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    Jason Garrett is growing on me after coming down from that 07 year. He still pulls some bonehead stuff on occasion.
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    Wade trying to dictate what offensive plays to go with are preposterious. It would be like Garrett suggesting what blitz packages to imploy for Wade. The reality is that Wade makes defensive calles....Garrett makes offensive calls and Jerry is the coach :laugh2:
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    the reality is none of us here know exactly how it works. zing.
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    I would think that Wade and Garrett sit down with the staff and go over game plan for the week. That game plan has certain packages that we have seen described on this forum. I would think that is where Wade would have input in who is getting the snaps. I really don't believe that Wade is sitting on the sideline telling Garrett to play this guy or that guy more. That is done in the meetings by group effort based on what was seen in past weeks and the priority of the run game or pass attack for the week.
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    During Felix rookie season he did not even play in week 4 because of an injury. He returned for 2 games and then missed the remainder of the season. It is kind of hard taking over the starting roll when you are not playing at all.

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