Audio: Jerry Jones on with Vic Carucci and Gil Brandt

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    Jerry Jones with Brandt and Carucci on Sirius

    Here's another interview from Sirius with Jerry Jones which is about 20 minutes long where Jerry gets into everything Cowboys...

    Jerry Jones on Sirius - July 25

    All this talk about the Cowboys being a Super Bowl favorite is exactly what Jerry wants to hear right now. He loves being on Sportscenter every night and he loves having a team that everyone wants to beat so they can beat their chest.

    There are both pros and cons to the moving around in training camp. I think it breaks up the monotony of being in the same hotel room for a month and I think the weather in Cali will help the big boys toward the end of camp. The con is that traveling for some people wears them out and this team has the added game in Canton so that's an extra road trip.

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