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    Jimmy Johnson on Galloway and Company

    Jimmy Johnson was on Galloway and Company today to talk about the Cowboys being tired in camp and the worries from the fans and media about the offense this preseason...

    Jimmy Johnson on GAC

    The extra game was a waste of time and I hope the Cowboys stay away from the Hall of Fame game for many years to come. And this split training camp idea stinks as well. Just bring the team to Oxnard for four weeks every summer.

    This offense should be fine when the season begins because there are plenty of good players in the fold for Tony Romo. The offensive line play just has to be average and Romo will make it work well enough to win games. They do need to figure out a way to make sure they score TD's in the Red Zone and not settle for FG's this season.

    This defense is going to very good and if they can just come up with a few more turnovers and allow the Cowboys offense a few more short fields it may lead to Home Field Advantage in the playoffs.
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    Basically what the general consensus is...
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    I think Dez will be one catalyst for more points. Bennett could be another as should Witten be more targeted in the RZ this year. We need to score 100 more points this year.

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