Audio: Kitna says Romo should have gotten MVP votes

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by dcfanatic, Jul 26, 2010.

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    Kitna says Romo should have gotten MVP votes

    Last season there wasn't any talk about Tony Romo getting votes for the NFL MVP award and Jon Kitna thinks #9 should have been included in the conversation...

    Kitna and Mike Jenkins on Sirius NFL Radio

    I agree with Kitna. The offensive line play wasn't all that special last season, but some of the plays made by Tony Romo sure were. This year will be different as long as the Cowboys are in contention for the playoffs.
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    Since he was also on the show with Mike Jenkins, Kitna had this to say when he ran against the first team offense while Jenkins was taking a breather.

    "We definitely felt like Terence Newman was the best corner that they had, so we knew we needed to be careful with him. But even with him, I mean, he's not Mike Jenkins, in my opinion. He doesn't have that kind of ability. It wasn't like you were scared to throw at him, I guess."
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    Romo is the man... He makes that offensive line look better than what it really is at times.
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    Today while at work I had a Raiders fan tells me we need to get rid of Romo. I laughed and said are you serious? I said who available is better than him? Then I was shocked when he said Jamarcus Russell. According to him the only reason he didnt make it in Oakland was cause he didnt have a team around him. With the Cowboys he would be a HOFer.
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    My faith in my fellow man continues to be dashed.
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    I want summa what he's smokin'.

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