Audio: Mike Jenkins on BaD Radio - Great interview!

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by dcfanatic, Aug 18, 2010.

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    Mike Jenkins hops on with BaD Radio

    Bad Radio talks with Mike Jenkins out in Oxnard about him becoming an elite player...

    Mike Jenkins on BaD Radio

    Very honest interview about all of the pressure he was facing with the Cowboys as he came in as the first rounder vs guys like Pacman and Orlando Scandrick.

    Bob is awesome. He brings up the play where Jenkins avoided the tackle vs Derrick Ward vs the Giants. And the honesty from Jenkins is so refreshing to hear.

    BaD Radio is really kicking arse out at Training Camp with these interviews.
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    Mike Jenkins played with a fractured arm that he hurt in Green Bay.

    This guy is tough, and he wouldn't come out of the game when they tried to get him to not go back in.

    I knew that he hurt it, but I didn't know it was fractured. I bet that was some serious pain.

    I can't wait for Mike Jenkins to line up against Andre Johnson, because I think Jenkins is going to shut him down. # 21 has all the tools to do it. Going up against Dez Bryant, in camp, was exceptional practice.

    Mike Jenkins VS Andre Johnson

    I like that match-up for the Cowboys.

    Advantage: Cowboys
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    I think Terence Newman can take care of Andre Johnson, too.

    When Johnson goes over to Newman's side, probably to run a screen, smoke route, or deep, jump ball, Newman will be ready to meet the challenge.

    It will be interesting to see if Dallas has Jenkins shadow Johnson, because they move Johnson all over the field. However, I'm pretty sure Johnson primarily plays of Jenkins' side. I think Phillips might very well do it.

    That way Newman can stay on the speed WR attempting to stretch the field.

    Plus, Jenkins gets to use his long arms and strength to bump and run with Johnson. Jenkins size and speed is going to cause Andre Johnson a match-up problem.
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    Jenkins is turning into a stud.
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    I like Jenkins and Newman a ton, but nobody's "taking care" of Andre Johnson. Best WR in the league. Andre will get his, we just need to contain him to a degree.

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