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    Poor Scoring Offense: Garrett or Cowboys players?

    By dcfanatic, January 24, 2010 6:39 am

    Just like last season there are a lot of fans who don't want Jason Garrett back as the Cowboys Offensive Coordinator.

    The Cowboys offense finished second in the NFL as far as yards go by averaging 399 yards a game, but when it came to points they finished fourteenth in the NFL by only scoring 22.6 points a game.

    That's just not good enough. If an offense is going to march up and down the field all day they have to score at last 6 more points a game which would put them in the top five.

    Is it Jason Garrett's fault for sending in bad plays for the situation at hand or is it the fault of the Cowboy's players for not executing the plays sent in by Garrett?

    Here's Newy Scruggs and Richie Whitt on 105.3 The Fan talking about play calling and Jason Garrett with Babe Laufenberg...

    Babe on The Fan with Newy and Richie

    On one hand Babe does make some good points about the weapons.

    But on the other hand I think there were more than enough times when a play was run and the fans were left scratching their head at the play call, not the execution of the play itself.

    The knock on Garrett about getting 'too cute' at times seems to be the most common criticism. He seems to forget that when it really comes down to it football is about blocking and tackling. Making it rocket science too often is just a waste of time and energy.

    Do the players get a pass? Of course not. There were plenty of times they screwed up a great play call during the season.

    This is how I feel about blaming the coaches vs the players.

    Because the players are using their mental and physical tools there are more variables in place that can let them down. For the coaches it's only mental and their decision making has to be on point more often than not on a game to game basis.

    Garrett has only been an Offensive Coordinator for three seasons now and it's not like he's not shown some signs of greatness in doing his job. It's the times that he looks over matched or stubborn when the fans despise him.

    Back to the topic of play calling which the guys were talking about. I think it comes down to situational play calling being the real determining factor of whether or not it's overrated or not.

    The answer is no it's not overrated. When you get inside the 'Red Zone' you have to get the ball into the End Zone. This is when I feel play selection is the most important thing in the world.

    In the blink of an eye the Offensive Coordinator is either the hero or the goat.

    Right now Garrett is just passing in that area, but he's nowhere near the head of the class. The Cowboys Red Zone offense went from scoring 59.1% of the time in 2008 to only scoring 50.9% of the time in 2009.

    And like I said earlier the coach is going to take more blame because he has less variables going against him.

    Bottom line is that Jason Garrett has to do a more effecient job of finding ways to get this offense into the End Zone by using better play selection when the Cowboys get into the Red Zone.
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    Too cute is the boiled down term I've also thrown at him.

    Sometimes he wants to play chess when there are only checkers on the board, and he misses the opportunities to kill a fly with a sledgehammer when the time calls for it.

    He's got the stuff between the ears, but he's just like Tony insofar that he's learning on the job. Hopefully he'll take the next step in a few more areas next season. Having a lame duck #2 who makes up for not being fast by dropping passes coupled with a #2 pass catching tight end who stones defenders and then shows hands of stone might have curtailed what Jason did throughout the season.

    Some of the stuff he came up with this season that were so called "identity plays" worked great. The filler material in between is what got us a missed field goal instead of a TD and that is what hurt.
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    First of all, let's talk facts here. 361 points may have been 14th in the NFL as far as points scored, but it is nothing to sneeze at. Would I like it to be better? Of course I would. Don't be ridiculous. The fact of the matter is 28.6 points per game that the article is calling for, is a ridiculously high standard. Here are the seasons where we scored 28 or more.

    1971...28.9 *

    Notice that 3 of those seasons are less than 28.6 points per game. That means that only 4 times we have been in that rarified air of scoring. Notice none of the 1990's Super Bowl teams with the Triplets were in that kind of scoring category. Only one of the Cowboys 8 Super Bowl teams was in that stratosphere.

    In other words, the standard is a wee bit high to say we should have scored 28.6 points per game based on yardage gained. Parcells introduced that theory here and the fans and media are stuck on it like a hungry dog on a bone. Great in theory, but it ignores a lot of facts.

    I believe when you talk about points we didn't score you have to start with Kicker first. Let's be honest here, we missed 11 FGs, and because of the kicking struggles we probably passed up some FG attempts. We only attempted 2 FGs over 50 yards all season long. We all know Folk was capable of hitting from beyond 50, but not this year. He was 1 of 2 from 50 or more, but he was 6 of 13 from 40 to 49 and that is a crucial mindset to be in.

    You can pass up scoring opportunities by trying to avoid FG misses. I think we did exactly that. I don't know the stats because you would probably have to go game by game and look, but how many times did McBriar punt when we were in possible FG range? How many times did we go for it on 4th down when in FG range and not make the 1st down? I'm going to take a guess and say combined there were 6 times that we left FG points on the field by doing these things. Even if it is half that, it is still significant. Hell, we know in the Chargers game we got stopped twice in the red zone going for it on 4th down. That's just one game.

    In 2007 Folk missed 5 FGs. In 2008 he missed 2. There is no way we were going to make every single FG, so let's theoretically give Folk 5 misses and match his previous high for misses.

    We scored 361 points. If you add 18 more points that is 379 points scored. If you were to assume that Folk misses less than 5 FGs you can add those points if you wish. Do you see just on that factor alone where we left points on the field? When you add the punts and the 4th down misses it is a lot of points. Too many. It also shows it has nothing to do with play calling. If your eyes are open that is.

    The next factor to consider is penalties in the Red Zone that kill TD drives and force FG tries. I think we had more of those this year than in either of the previous two years.

    Babe said it great...

    "Play calling is over rated. It's the one I think that people can hang onto, because they can say 'well, that was a bad call.' You don't need to know anything about football and a 6 year old could look at it and say, 'well, that play didn't work, that was a bad play call.' And the great Ernie Zampese, when I talked to him, he always used to say, 'Hey Babe, the first thing you figure out in this business is if the play works it was a good call, if it doesn't work, it's a bad call.' He said, 'you've just got to accept that and move on.' So I think play calling is really highly over rated."


    We need better blocking. That contributes to points lost. We need better Kickoff Return yardage. That contributes to points lost. The longer the scoring drive the less your chances of scoring are. We need fewer penalties, especially in the Red Zone. We need better FG kicking.

    None of those things have anything to do with play calling as to why points were left on the field. This will go right over a lot of people's heads because they have their pitchforks handy.

    C'est la vie.
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    LMAO. Babe is the biggest Garrett homer on the planet. What I learned from that was that:

    1. Playcalling really doesn't mean anything because it's all about if the play is successful or not.

    2. Sam Hurd on Champ Bailey twice in a row inside the 10 was a good call because if Sam gives you a better route and Tony makes a better throw it works.

    3. What weapons did Jason have? Felix and Barber were hurt and Roy is no good.

    Just LOL.

    I'm not even the leader of the bash RJ parade, but come on. Incredible excuses are made for this guy by his media buddies in this town.

    At least Babe admits at the end that he's biased and would never be allowed on a jury judging his buddy RJ.
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    This is a good post, but we have so many people who are convinced otherwise and dont pay attention to stuff like this that it probably doesnt matter. People act like 361 pts is some pathetically low figure, when in fact its in line with what numerous teams who have won the super bowl the past 10 years have had. (I posted with the exact numbers a few days ago, "amazingly" I dont think it got a response). Our 1993 team is one most people consider one of the best in our history, and league history. This team scored two more offensive tds than that one did and only 15 less points. One big difference is Eddie Murray missed only 5 of 33 fg's that yr.
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    I keep hoping that people will actually learn the game. We have a lot of Head Couches. Oh, and I no longer expect the media to get it so that the fans can consider it. The shepherd and the lost sheep.
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    In here (CZ) thats absolutely the truth, without question.

    Garrett doesnt decide who gets thrown the football on each play, unless of course there's only one receiver in the route. And that wasnt the case there, was it?

    Well its hard to argue against the point of Barber and Jones WERE hurt, and RW played poorly most of the yr.

    What "incredible excuses?"

    There's not an offensive coordinator in the history of football who's been crucified as much as this guy has. CZ people over analyze eevry play call and say anything that doesnt work was a poor call. Nobody in here does the same for other teams, why? Because they dont watch other teams enough. If they did, they'd see similar stuff.
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    Well, we could've probably scored 6 more points a game if our FG kickers hadn't been so horrific this year.
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    Another point I noted about scoring this year was that EVERY team that finished ahead of us in scoring, also forced more turnovers than we did. One genius here asked what the point was.
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    Oh, I don't doubt that the significance of that would be lost at all. Not at all.
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    Not sure its reflective to compare to even a decade back, let alone multiple decades.....

    The NFL has massaged the rules to promote scoreing/passing so much in the last just 5 yrs, that when a top 5 offense in yards cannot produce scoreing levels well over 1960's/70's at a very has to conclude that someone is missing the boat....

    and if Garrett wants the pat on the back during the great Dec run...he must line up for critisism after a low producing 2nd round playoff game.
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    Hos you're on the money again.. Good post!!!
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    Garrett wants pats on the back? I haven't seen that of him even one time since he has been here. But don't let facts stand in the way of a pointless rant.
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    JG is damn good and needs to stay put. We need to block and execute better upfront.
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    OK, lets look at recent history in regards to yards and points.

    In 2008 Denver, Houston and Atlanta all finished in the top-6 in total offense, only Atlanta finished in the top-10 in scoring (and they finished 10th)

    In 2007 New Orleans, Philly, Seattle and Cinci all finished in the top-10 in total yards, not one finished in the top-10 in points.

    2006, St Louis, Pittsburgh and Green Bay all finished in the top 10 in yds, not one of them was in the top-10 in scoring.

    2005 New England, Arizona and St Louis all finished top 10 in yds, only NE finished top-10 in scoring (10th)

    2004 Denver, St Louis and Seattle all finished top-10 in yds, didnt finish in the top-10 in scoring.

    I'm pretty sure alot of these teams had very good offensive players, and coaches who were pretty highly regarded.
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    Very good post.
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    Kickers. Stupid penalties. An O line that could not score from the one. Take those away and we are probably top 5 in pts per game.

    Garrett does get too cute and I wonder if he will ever realize that there are times when you just keep doing what you do until the other guy stops you.
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    Excuses and excuse makers alike should find out next year if Garrett is worth his paycheck.
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    One of the smuggest posts I have read here since the loss. Congrats on your air of superiority.
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    lol, i have been reading you and hos talking to/complimenting each other and i like both your opinions generally so havent said anything but this is a little ridiculous. Stats can be skewed any way you want.

    In the years above, none of these teams won the SB except for NE in 04-05 season (when they finished top 10 in points scored). last i looked, the objective is to win the SB.

    No one is saying it is all JGs fault, but he needs to share in the blame. when you are the highest paid OC in the league, be ready to be blamed when the people you coach dont perform as well as expected. the defense did not lose us the game in minnesota, the offense did, the score was 17-3 at the end of the third quarter.

    I think norv could have done a MUCH better job with exactly the same weapons on offense. If you deny that you are just not willing to keep an open mind. If that is true, then playcalling does matter.

    I am done with all the excuses for last season. Lets move on and hope that our team does better next year.

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