Audio: Sean Lee on Sirius - It's all about being versatile

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by dcfanatic, Jul 26, 2010.

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    Sean Lee says it's all about being versatile

    Sean Lee knows that if he wants to play a big role for the Cowboys as a rookie he has be able to cover, tackle and learn the entire defense including both inside LB spots...

    Sean Lee on Sirius NFL Radio

    This kid always impresses me in these interviews because he gets it 100%. Can't wait to see him tackling some Bengals in a few weeks.
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    :D I'm telling you DC, in 3 years, our Draft grade will be sky high, because we have Dez, Sean Lee, AOA, Young, Lissemore, Josh Brent, (not sure if wall will make it). but I think Church, Hudgins, McCann, Sharpe, Sicko, and Miller will make the team also, which will give us another dirty dozen for our Draft.

    Dez, Lee and AOA will be impact players! Other players will be steady. I am hearing also in some chat rooms covering training camp that Lonyae Miller is really showing stuff with his quickness and speed. Hudgins sticks out at you making catches, while sicko just gets open. (I think McCann will show later with his speed on punt and kickoff returns till he settles down, from being overwhelmed in camp, and learns techniques. Remember Larry Brown, he had to learn too, just like another top undrafted cb had too, Everson Walls.

    Remember the Dirty Dozen in 75 DC? :pc:

    So, we should get an A+ grade in 3 years.

    I probably will miss a few of the players I mentioned, but I think 12 players will make this team, with some of them on the practice squad.

    You saw it here first DC! :D

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