Audio: Audio: Sean Lee on Sirius NFL Radio - Jun 7

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by dcfanatic, Jun 7, 2010.

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    Sean Lee calls into Sirius NFL Radio to talk about the Cowboys OTA's with Gil Brandt and Brian McGovern...

    Sean Lee on Sirius - Jun 7

    He's already one of my favorite players on the Cowboys and he's never stepped on the field in uniform yet. I know one thing about him and that's the fact that he's going to be in the right spot on 95% of the plays where he's in the game.


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    Every time I hear Lee speak he reminds me of players like Bob Lilly, Randy White and Darren Woodson. These players were true "Ambasedors on Defense" for the Dallas Cowboys franchsise ovr the years, and Lee has that similar aura about him - as if he is worthy of carrying that torch through the future success of this franchise. He has Cowboys-Pride written all over him and every time he speaks that comes across.
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    Very true.
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    Great listen. I want to say thanks DC. You do a great job with these posts!
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    Watching Lee reminds me of Dat. He looks like he is a student of the game he is not going to blow you away with his physical ability but he reads plays quickly and gets in position to make the plays.
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    Me too!! Most of us aren't exposed to all the outlets that talk Cowboys and I appreciate your putting this good stuff on the board for the outlanders.
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    Amazing audio. Sean Lee is kind of freaking me out. He seems to be some kind of savant. In this interview he knows all about Gil Brandt. Refers to Calvin Hill as the "great Calvin Hill."

    Yeah it's easy to take a minute or two to look up this stuff in the Wiki era, but not many pro athletes much less rookies take the time to be so prepared for interviews. He seems to be really interested in the history of the Cowboys - like practically no rookie or even vet ever worries about. So diplomatic too, the guy should run for mayor or something already. There seems to be no BS about the guy either.

    If his career is short he's at least got some kind of career doing something around here. It's like he feels his job here is total immersion in everything Cowboys. Good for him and it makes me feel good too - it's like a hardcore CZ fan was on the team.

    He kinds of worries me. Like he should be a Navy Seal or astronaut or something. He's awful high-strung. I'll be pulling for the guy for dam shure.

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