Audio: Audio: TFS - Highlights - Aug6th - Dez, KO, Wade, Hatcher

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    The Football Show - Talking Dez, KO, Wade and Hatcher

    Threw together a few segments from last night's The Football Show with Choppy and Broaddus...

    TFS - Highlights from Aug 6th

    KO has to step it up in these preseason games if he wants to push Crayton and Hurd on the depth chart. I know the kid is more physically talented and faster than those guys, but he has to produce in the games as well.

    I hope Dez isn't already going into a shell with the media. I don't think the Cowboys want him acting like Terrell Owens with the 'I can never tell a lie' stuff, but I also know they don't want him taking the Marion Barber route and ignoring the media altogether. And if that little thing with Roy already has him riled up then he's in for a rude awakening when he starts getting criticized for dropping a pass here and there because those things are going to happen.

    Wade goes a little overboard sometimes when gushing about his players. Kevin Ogletree isn't even close to being a 'Terry Glenn' when it comes to route running.

    Now is the time to shine for Jason Hatcher. He can take over this starting job over the next month and never look back if he's playing well enough and applying some pressure on the pocket.

    Bill Parcells heard Landry made the rule and didn't even begin to question it. Respect. Love it.

    Will be watching Emmitt tonight. You are the G.O.A.T #22!

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