Audio: The ENTIRE Brooking vs Dennis segment!

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by dcfanatic, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. dcfanatic

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    Audio: The ENTIRE Brooking vs Dennis segment!

    By dcfanatic, December 9, 2009 3:25 am

    Big thanks to the guys over at The Keith Brooking Show for this entire 13+ minute audio segment from their show tonight...

    Steve Dennis vs Keith Brooking


    Wow. That's great stuff. This entire segment was killer.

    I get both sides. Both Dennis and Brooking are right.

    Dennis is doing his job as a reporter and Brooking is doing his job as a player standing up for his head coach.

    I just hope this story doesn't become a distraction for the team.

    I do hope it motivates the team into a win on Sunday.

    Check out their site for future Keith Brooking scheduled shows.
  2. chuffly

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    You cut this off right before Buehler came on?

    You better sleep with one eye open tonight.
  3. gmoney112

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    I can't remember the last time I felt so satisfied after hearing one of our players speak. Gotta love Keith.
  4. Dave_in-NC

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    The reporter is correct. This team has and is acting like "they done enough"
    All Phillips talks about is how many regular season games he has won.

    After listening to the rest of this, Keith is satisfied with wining games in the regular season also.
    He doesn't mention Wades December record.

    It's great to win those games but it's not enough. It gets you nothing.
  5. Beast_from_East

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    I am surprised Keith just didnt reach over and ***** slap Dennis right there on stage.!!!!!
  6. CrazyCowboy

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    good for Brookings!
  7. SDogo

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    Yup, Love Keith but he has the same issues Wade has. Stop making excuses, stop spurting on wins and loses during the 1st 12 weeks. Get it done down the stretch.

    Just get the job done............just get the job done.

    It's December..........step up or shut up
  8. SaltwaterServr

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    No, Keith alludes to the fact that the team plays the games and the coach's record is the team's record. They want to win it all, and the coach's hold them to a level of accountability in each and every meeting, in each and every practice that we nor the media have access to.

    He mentions he ISN'T happy being in third place in the NFC. He's very specific about it, but I guess you missed that.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    I was never for the Wade hire.
    I am not happy with his coaching of this team.

    BUT I do NOT like the disrespect of that questioning. I BACK WADE. Regardless. When push comes to shove. Its all about the Boys.

    Keith is right. Protecting his coach. I would do same darn thing.

    Look the Cowboys are trying. We are close.

    I do think things will be better.... I think Keith and Romo's progress and Roy's improvement will be the difference. Special Teams and Defense will continue to step it up.
  10. BIGDen

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    Only a complete idiot would think that this coach (or team) is "content" with what they've accomplished. Neither Phillips nor any player have said that they are content.

    Are they "losers"? No! They're 8-4 and in 1st place! Is that enough? Is anybody happy about that? No. But it's a heck of a lot better than most teams in this league.

    I would much rather be in this position than the position of a majority of the teams in the NFL.

    This guy Dennis is a typical Dallas media tool that can only focus on the past. Let's talk about SD - not last December. Every loss this year has been "the beginning of the end". The doubters come out and pound their chests. Well Dallas has won 8 of 12 and all 4 losses were tight games. This team competes and usually wins. They make mistakes and certainly have had a few rough calls and bounces, but overall they WIN. There is nothing wrong with calling these guys "winners" at this point in the season. If the season ended right now they would be a divison winner. Nobody said "playoff winner" because the playoffs haven't happened yet!

    NOBODY has indicated that they are "content".
  11. SaltwaterServr

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    This ^

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    I would like more mediots and sports news organizations to take this approach with us.

    I dont want us to be comfortable.

    A TRUE "us against the world" scenario.
  13. Dave_in-NC

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    No, he's very specific that there are only two teams better than the Cowboys in the NFC. "We are 8-4" "We are what we are"
    I'm not knocking Brooking, he was a great addition. I think he has more heart than 99% of the roster.

    He's defending his coach, I get that. What I don't want to hear is Phillips regular season record, when he says that he sounds just like Phillips.

    Maybe this will help get these guys fired up, but he sounds way to much like his coach to me.
  14. SDogo

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    Referring to the coaches and players living by the 8-4 and first place argument. I had a highschool coach that was always under fire despite 4 state champions in 5 years and he said it best.

    "Your only as good as you are right now. Yesterday, last week and last year cant change today. If you lose today your losers, the only person who can change it is you, not what this team did last year or last week. It's the nature of the game. If your 100-1 over the last 101 games and the last game was a lost, your a loser. Do something about it next week"

    THUMPER Papa

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    Thank you! :bow:

    If we were 4-8 I could understand this line of questioning, but at 8-4 we are ahead of where most of the mediots expected us to be at this point in the season. Since they can't blame Romo for this loss, like they usually do, they put it on Wade.

    It is NOT the media's job to hold a team/coach/players accountable. That statement there shows just how far down the media has gone. They should be about reporting the news but instead they have made it their mission in life to create news by generating controversy.

    Wade is right for blaming the media because they ARE to blame for the perception that is out there. Most other teams in the NFL would LOVE to trade their record for ours right now. Just ask the Redskins if they would rather have our record or their own. How about the reigning SB champs? You think the Stealers wouldn't rather be 8-4 than 6-6?

    These mediots need to shut their pie-holes and just report the news for a change. :bang2:
  16. jgboys1

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    I love Keith Brooking and I think he gives 110% on every play, but the best way to defend Wade is for the Cowboys to win 3 of the final 4 games and to at least win 1 playoff game. Do that and Wade will not need defending.
  17. bbailey423

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    this team does not act like they have done enough....the MEDIA acts like it is OVER because they lost the first game in can you keep asking someone about how this team performs in December when the month is only ONE WEEK OLD. So you mean to tell me since we lost the FIRST week in December, we should end our season because that PROVES we cannot WIN in December. Even if we beat the Chargers...there are STILL TWO WEEKS LEFT. Total them up at the END of December and THEN we can debate if this team is winners or losers. There was NO REASON to start tallying the votes with the polls still open for 3 MORE WEEKS!!!!!!
  18. el_chevo

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    I am surprised Brooking didn't pull a Hostile and punch him in the midsection...
  19. Hostile

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    The entire segment is far better than the 3 minute blurb. Keith Brooking flat out punked Steve Dennis. He got him to admit he was satisfied with Parcells at 23-20 and 1 playoff loss, but isn't as satisfied with Wade at 30-13 and 1 playoff loss in the same time frame.

    Agenda exposed.
  20. kmd24

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    That's the dumbest thing I have ever heard. If you think you are a loser you have already lost.

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