Audio: Audio: Wade on Sirius NFL Radio - March 22

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by dcfanatic, Mar 23, 2010.

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    Wade talks about a few different topics in here about but I am only going to comment about one after the audio...

    Wade Phillips on Sirius NFL Radio - March 22

    Now I am pretty much just as tired as everyone else in talking about how Roy Williams hasn't quite lived up to the expectations, whether they are fair or not, that were placed on him when he came to the Cowboys from the Lions.

    But I think half the reason the topic won't go away is because we keep hearing these lame excuses from people in the organization.

    How long does it take a professional QB and professional WR to get on the same page?

    Enough time has gone by for these two to be on the same page so that Roy should get more than 1 or 2 looks a game from Romo.

    This notion that fans are so dumb that they will believe this nonsense is even more ridiculous considering the success Romo had with Terrell Owens when he stepped into the starting lineup just a few short years ago.
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    I know it's an oversimplification to say this, but if I were Romo I wouldn't keep throwing to someone who routinely victimized me by dropping the ball either. When you've got more reliable receivers that's who you throw to.
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    The real nonsense is the media continuing to ask the same question over and over when they know they will not get a straight answer. :D
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    but he makes some great catches in practice....cmon ask anybody.
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    Agree 100%. I supported Roy a lot last season because I believed that he could turn the corner and be a number one receiver on this team. I'm not going to just blindly rip him this year, but he certainly needs to show this team and the fans that he can be a viable (sigh) second receiver opposite Miles Austin. That would entail Romo trusting him to be where he is supposed to be and increasing that horrible completion percentage.

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