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    Ed Werder and Deion on with Ben and Skin today

    Ben and Skin were pretty busy today talking Cowboys football with Ed Werder and Deion Sanders...

    Ed Werder on with Ben and Skin - Sep 23

    Good point by Werder. Simplify things on both sides of the football. Just find a way to win.

    Wade isn't going anywhere people. I really don't know what Jason Garrett's game plan is with this offense. There is not identity here because nothing is working right now. But I am not sure I think Garrett comes into a game with any one thing he wants to focus on doing well. I have a feeling he's just confident that this offense is so diverse that they can do anything well no matter what the situation is for this team.

    Deion on with Ben and Skin - Sep 23

    Felix Jones. It's to the point that I really wish some team would offer us a nice trade for Barber or Choice. I am so tired of hearing about these three RB's having a role in the offense and about getting them all involved. Just focus you running attack on what Feliz Jones does well and then use this philosophy. Garrett wants to run around being good at every single type of offensive attack because his offense is the 'swiss army knife' of the NFL. Well that knife is dull right now and it can't cut through a piece of fresh over baked bread.

    Turnovers. Maybe there is a curse on this defense? lol.

    Get to 1-2. Then get to 2-2. Then get to 3-2. Just get back on track one game at a time.

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