Audio: What the heck is Jesse Holley talking about?

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by dcfanatic, Jan 28, 2010.

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    What the heck is Jesse Holley talking about?

    By dcfanatic,

    Yesterday Jesse Holley was sitting in on The Michael Irvin Show and in this clip he pretty much makes himself look like a guy who is just happy to be on the team rather than someone who is doing everything he can to actual find a role for himself on the active roster by studying the team and working overtime on knowing this offense in and out (he was on the Practice Squad all season)...

    Jesse Holley on Irvin Show

    Marc Colombo didn't move over to Left Tackle when Flozell Adams got hurt against the Vikings. Doug Free went in and played Left Tackle for the rest of the game.

    I don't know if Kevin Kiley was just being nice in here or he didn't know Holley was completely misinformed on the subject he was talking about.

    Now Nate mentions Doug Free in mid sentence and I think he was talking about Free playing the Left side.

    Whatever the case. If Holley is this misinformed about his own football team only a week after the game ended then do us a favor and stay off the radio.

    Maybe I sound a little more annoyed than I should be about this. But I think the Cowboys offensive line failing the team in Minny and the idea that some changes may be coming for that unit in the near future is a pretty big story right now.

    With that said you would think a player on the team would have a clue here.
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    Another winner courtesy of coach/gm/trainer/towel boy Jerruh.
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    Listening right now.

    1st of all, I ****ing hate the comparisons to the '91 team. What a ridiculous comparison. People just grasping for anything to try and feel good about the finish to the season.

    No need to look for reasons, there were plenty of reasons to be happy about what happened and to look forward. Seeing some distant connection between a great period isn't needed.
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    Couldn't have said it better myself.
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    There is no viable comparison.

    Even the guy who tried to compare it from ESPN admitted that the QB and the defense were not comparable.

    So throwing out those two huge variables it's the same team, lol.

    That team was steadily becoming great game by game. They had three young starters who were becoming the best, or top three, at their respective positions in the game.

    They also had a new owner and a coach who came from college.

    This current team has been up and down over the last three seasons. Their brain trust has been at this for a long time now.

    Just look to their peers.

    In 1992 people, meaning the NFL world, had a sense the Cowboys were stumblng upon something that could become a dynasty.

    When the 2010 NFL season begins the rest of the NFL won't be feeling this way about the Cowboys.

    And nor should they.
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    When are people like you three going to realize that we are not comparing the 91/92 team and this current team as far as the players on the team...the comparison comes from where that 91 team was and where this current team is now..very similar...get comparing players out of your mind and free yourself.
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    I agree. In '91, we beat Chicago in the wildcard round. As fans, we weren't sure it would happen. You could say the same about the Philly wildcard game this season. We had beaten them twice, but "it's hard to beat a team three times in one season." In 91, being blown out by Detroit in a noisy dome was eerily similar to being out by Minnesota in a noisy dome this year. In both cases, the Cowboys simply didn't show up. The circumstances mirror one another. Does that mean this team will win 3 of the next 4 Super Bowls? No one is saying that. It's a different team, different league, different era. But I am very hopeful going forward despite an embarrassing loss. I felt the same way in 91.
  8. Alexander

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    It is a horrible analogy. Irritating and horrible.

    I am happy we showed progress, but there is very little that gives me cause to believe that this current team is anything like 1991.

    First of all, Phillips is not Jimmy Johnson. End of story. Move along, now.
  9. Hostile

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    All analogies upset someone if they don't come up with it. Analogies must be exact same circumstances or narrow minds cannot grasp the significance.
  10. Alexander

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    There is no significance to grasp. Other than the fact that there are two young teams that appear to be on the upswing does not mean that this is a future dynasty in the works anything close to the team in that era. "Exact circumstances" are a bit more concrete than making flimsy comparisons simply because we'd desperately like them to fit. There are simple facts that are missed. We cannot say that team was "where we are now" because we don't have the same quality of a head coach, the playing field is different because of free agency and frankly, the talent is not at that level.

    That team recognized weaknesses and took bold steps immediately to correct them. The Haley trade was the following summer and we took Kevin Smith to upgrade the cornerbacks in the draft. Those are two big moves that we honestly will not be able to make.

    When it becomes significant is when the team shows even more progress, as the team immediately demonstrated the following season. So start making these analogies when we start threatening for the Super Bowl next year.

    Otherwise it is fans drawing irrelevant conclusions and analogies to make themselves feel better after what should be recognized as a disappointing end to a season that could have been special.
  11. Hostile

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    I stand by what I said. It either has to be exact same circumstances or it cannot be used, because someone will be upset by it. All the psychobabble in the world won't change that.

    The QB could be Troy Aikman Jr., the RB Emmitt Smith Jr., and the WR Michael Irvin Jr. and something would be wrong with the analogy. Analogies are always wrong.

    I have not seen one that has been accepted in 7 years of goofing around on these forums. Not one. Usually the response begins "I can't believe you are comparing __________ to _________. Are you out of your mind?"

    In 7 years you'd think I could have seen one analogy that has worked. The odds are I would. Nope. Fail to all analogies this is the Internets.
  12. Maikeru-sama

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    You know why there isn't a viable comparison?

    Because many on here will vehemently aver that "last" season doesn't count.

    Or is that only the case when you get blown out in the last game :cool:
  13. dadymat

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    as soon as idiot fans quit making comments like "we need a Darren Woodson type safety" or " Tony will never be as good as Aikman" or "if Jimmy were coaching we would still be winning super bowls"
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    Most road teams lose in the divisional round. Needless to say, that doesn't make them the '91 Cowboys. This whole scenario is predicated on wishful thinking. The good news, however, is that the 2010 squad should be a Super Bowl quality team (assuming we don't get slaughtered by injuries).
  16. BraveHeartFan

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    I agree to some extent and disagree to another.

    Number one as I recall many at that time thought Dallas might still be a year or two away (Michael Irvin even mentions that fact on the Americas Game DVD for the 1992 season) because there were still some questions about Troy Aikman. Some big ones actually.

    1. Could he stay healthy for a full season
    2. Was he going to get to the point where they hoped he would with consistent play
    3. Would he ever win a playoff game, let alone a Superbowl

    People were still wondering if he would stay healthy long enough to lead a team all the way to the Superbowl because, as you'll recall, the run they went on to get into the playoffs in 1991 was without Troy Aikman on the field. That fueled some folks to wonder about Aikman at the time.

    The other thing about that same run, that raised questions, was that with Troy in there in 1991 I believe the Cowboys were 6-5, prior to his injury, and then with Steve went on that 5 game run to finish 11-5. I believe thats how it shook out that year, my memory is some what fuzzy on how many Steve won in a row as a starter but I was pretty sure it was 4 or 5 in a row to get into the playoffs.

    Then of course that doesn't even account for the fact that the playoff game we won was with Steve starting and not Troy. So it's not like the whole NFL was sitting there saying "Wow these guys just might start kicking people's butts now" cause there were still plenty of questions about our most key position.

    I do agree that the teams are certainly not he same, by any means, but there is some interesting parallels that could be discussed and wondered about.

    To me one of the biggest reasons it doesn't fit exactly isn't about the 1992 team and what they had at all. I'd say, right now, that there are less questions about Romo going into 2010 then there were about Troy going into 1992.

    Now I'm not talking about questions about physical talent cause everyone could see that Troy Aikman was no doubt talented, even in his struggles, and physically he's far superior gifted to Romo and always will be. He clearly had the more accurate passing ability as well. He's probably the most accurate passer I've ever seen. Just brililant in that way.

    But the question they had on Troy going into that 1992 season you don't have about Romo here.

    1. Will he stay healthy? Romo doesn't have to worry about that question cause he's already proven to be darn durable at this point as the starter. Doesn't mean he can't, or won't, get hurt but that won't be a topic of discussion or concern.

    2. Will he continue to improve and be consistent in his play through out the season? Romo has proven over the last few years as the starter that he indeed will improve and can consistently be one of the better QBs in the league from week to week. So he's got that behind him.

    3. Will he win in the playoffs? He's already done it. Romo has a playoff win under his belt. At that point, in comparing the two different eras and such, Troy did not.

    Aikman came through in 1992 in spectacular fashion. Answered all the questions and put to rest any doubt about himself.

    Now we need Romo to come through with the same spectacular fashion, and for Romo there won't be the same kind of pressure on him cause he's answered many of his questions, now the pressure for him will be going further in the playoffs.

    People won't be talking about Romo getting his first playoff win anymore. Now it's going to be about getting multiple wins. For Troy he was still seeking number one.

    At the end of the day, however, it doesn't matter either way cause even if Dallas goes on and wins the Superbowl this year the likely hood, with the way the NFL is now, that it will bring about another 3 Superbowls in 4 year span, or some dynasty like that, aren't real favorable.

    But there are some interesting parallels between those seasons.
  17. Silver N Blue

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    So now I am an idiot fan...forgive me for saying this team has had similar results to previous cowboys teams..i do not believe I have never talked about players...even if I was comparing players, which I have not, that is ok to do as well, you do realize players as well as teams can be does not mean teams or the player or team being compared to each other will have the same results, during the draft players being drafted are compared to players in the NFL...even recent dynasties such as the Patriots was and is compared to the cowboys of the 90' say this team as a whole has similarities to the 91 team is a correct and factual does that mean this team will have the same it make you an idiot to compare the
  18. Future

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    Who's Jesse Holley.
  19. newera

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    Why is it so bad to say that this team compares to the 91 team? If we are comparing singular seasons, and specifically the end of the season, then i dont see why everyone gets all pissed off about the comparison.

    What I do see, is posters refuting the comparison of the two singular season by trying to compare what happened the season(s) after 91 to what they believe is going to happen the seasons after the 09 season. If you took this same board and allowed them to travel back to a few weeks after the playoff loss in the 91 season, i think that we would find that we mood on the board would be very comparable.

    If you do want to try to compare this season as far as a precursor to bigger things: No one knew that we were going to do what we did after 91, just like no one truly knows what is going to happen in the next few years now. I don't think that is very probable that we have another run like we did in the 90's (there aren't many like it), but I'd like to let the seasons play out before we decide that is completely unreasonable to think that we have a very good chance of winning a championship in the upcoming years.
  20. Alexander

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    I can't speak to that, but I know how I personally felt after 1991. I was cautiously optimistic. I also recognized that the team was full of serious holes. What I see out of some people now is the assumption that takes it a step further that since there are some similiarities and what appears to be fewer holes, that we are destined to repeat the past. I mean, people even link the Viking and Lion blowouts. It is patently silly.

    The past is the past. Different era, head coach and even organization. That is what makes people "pissed off".

    It is not an innocent analogy. It is used to provide additional hope and suggest some sort of validation that this team can't take a step backwards next season. I find it completely unnecessary. If you feel as you say you do, then let the games play out and don't participate in the dreaming. I'll start creating expectations for the future when we demonstrate what happened last year carries forward.

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