Audio: Witten talks Combine experience on The Herd

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    Here's Jason Witten sounding very refreshed on The Herd with Colin Cowherd yesterday...

    Jason Witten on The Herd - Feb 26

    Witten was highly regarded coming into the 2003 draft, but he wasn't a lock to become one of the best in the game, read here.

    Hard work has helped him get to the status he's at right now. I have heard the story a gazillion times already about how the Cowboys were elated he was still on the board in the third round.

    And in that article, blurbs on right, you will see a quote from Charlie Casserly that he didn't think there were any 'Jeremy Shockey's' in this draft. Ummm, no. There were guys who were better.

    Dallas Clark and Witten have proven to be much more consistent than Shockey.

    This is now Tony Romo's team. And it's a great thing.
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    Witten is just tremendous.

    It is a cool story that he was one of the nations best high school defensive ends and when he got to U of T all the tight ends were hurt and he basically just went over to play tight end to fill a need and allow the team to have enough on that side of the ball......

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