Audio: Audio: Woody 'Don't know how Barron gets back on the plane'

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by dcfanatic, Sep 18, 2010.

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    Darren Woodson: 'Don't know how Barron gets back on the plane'

    Thursday night while listening to ESPNDallas Live I was waiting for Darren Woodson to come on and talk about the Cowboys loss to the Skins and about how they bounce back against the Bears this week.

    But the online feed crapped out. Just checked back and noticed the guys podcasted. So while this is a little late it's a great listen.

    Woody is one of my favorite all time Cowboys. The man is the All-Time leader in Tackles so how could you not love him. He was in Dallas for the Jimmy Johnson Era and I love hearing him compare how things were run then and how things are run now across the NFL.

    Some very intriguing commentary on all issues surrounding the Cowboys these days. And I have to give Kudos to Bryan Broaddus for hitting him with the tough question about Jerry Jones in here...

    Woody talks Cowboys on ESPNDallas Live - Sep 16

    You could just hear how serious the tone got in here. Woody is a Cowboys fan at heart. Just like Michael Irvin. They work in the media, but when the cameras are off these guy bleed Cowboy blue my friends.

    Great stuff from Woody and the guys at ESPNDallas Live.
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    Darren Woodson will always be one of my favorite players!
  3. The Emperor

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    Interesting. Darren Woodson said that Sean Payton and Jason Garrett are similar in the fact they "attack, attack, attack."
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    Nice audio. Thanks for posting.

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    Actually, one of the first things Woodson said was that Garrett has to do something to get this offense going - basically putting the accountability of the offensive gaffes on Garrett himself, squarely where it belongs.

    Woodson also pointed out that with 3 backs you have to pound the ball more, regardless if the defense knows it's coming or not. THAT is what an attacking style really is. Not Garrett's "take what hte defense gives us" ninsense.

    And when Woddson equated an attacking style to Garrett he did it only in the context of that last play of the first half, and further indicated that Garrett should have know better than to have that attacking mentalitiy in that specific moment.
  6. The Emperor

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    Right, but then Payton's attacking style was quelled by Parcells on occasion. And that's what I said after the loss -- maybe not here, but elsewhere -- that Wade Phillips, if he wants to save his job, needs to stand as an impediment to Garrett's unchecked stupidity.

    I mean, think about it: if we go 8-8 and have the #1 defense and the #15 offense, who's going to get fired? Garrett or Wade? Wade will, and then in an ironic twist of fate, Garrett gets promoted to head coach.

    And I agree that we need to run the ball more. But the thing Garrett did was give up on the run too soon. It was working pretty effectively, and he just decided to give up on it.

    The defense was giving us the run. Why weren't we taking it?

    Anyway, whatever. I'm hoping Garrett isn't a dunce tomorrow, the defense plays lights out again, the special teams gives poor field position to them and great field position to us, and we win the game and have a week off with the microcephalics in our own fanbase all of a sudden thinking we're the greatest team since the '77 Cowboys.
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    Only when Payton saw the pass wasnt working in the first half last week he went against his game plan to spread them out and throw it and tried pounding them with the run. It was working so he kept pounding it. JG would never do that.
  8. LeonDixson

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    I agree with Woody. If I were the coach, Barron doesn't even get on the same plane as the rest of team. Send a HUGE message.
  9. Chocolate Lab

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    Funny, Woody said exactly what so many of us have: Run the ball. Quit throwing it all around the lot. And even if you know we're going to do it, run it down their throat anyway.

    He also talks about the Jerry gray areas so many of us don't like.

    Glad you found this, because I heard about the last half of it live, but missed the first part.

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    Let's not forget that Jason Garrett is the Assistnat Head Coach in Dallas and also has full control of the offense. So any bold decision concerning Barron is also his to make, only he also failed to make it. I think it's fitting to point that out so we don't just assume that the decision to not cut Barron should somehow reflect poorly on Wade Phillips only.
  11. blindzebra

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    Agenda much?

    Let me guess it rained somewhere and it was Garrett's fault.
  12. Randy White

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    Saints Week 1 rushing:

    25 attempts, 79 yards, 3.2 avg, 1 TD, 11 yards longest run.

    Cowboys Week 1 rushing:

    22 attempts, 103 yards, 4.7 avg, 0 TD, 12 yards longest run.

    The difference ? The Saints won their game, the Cowboys didn't win theirs.

    If it wasn't because the Dallas Cowboys are my favorite team and it would hurt them deeply if it happened, I would root for Jason Garrett to leave the organization just to throw it back in the face of the WHINERS in here a year later.

    Funny thing that there are PLENTY of people in here willing to contribute to the " buy JG a one way ticket out of town " fan club, but I have YET to hear ONE person's name as his replacement..

    So come on, geniuses, who is your favorite play caller who's waiting around, just itching to take this team to the SB ?
  13. dcfanatic

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  14. Randy White

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    what the " geniuses " in here don't realize is that THE best offensive coordinator for this particular Cowboys offense is somebody who is exactly like Jason Garrett.

    If the Cowboys bring in somebody who's more conservative and runs the ball significantly more, then he'd be wasting THE best talent on offense: Tony Romo, Jason Witten, Austin Miles.. etc and halfway through the season, these same " geniuses " would be calling for HIS head. The shouted questions of " Where are the deep passes ? " that were thrown when Gailey was in charge of the offense still resonate in the DC metroplex area.

    If the Cowboys bring in somebody who's more " trigger happy " ( Any of you geniuses in here want Martz, Mike Leach, or June Jones, over JG ? ) then the cries of " we ain't no chuck n duck offense 'round this parts " would grow louder than a nuclear siren.

    The best OC for this current offense is somebody who's aggressive, believes in a a balance game plan, but above all that: takes advantage of the talent he's given to work with. That's who Jason Garrett is. Is he " perfect " ? Not by any stretch of the imagination. He's just as fallible as any other person who's ever called plays in the NFL, but he's also better than most.

    What the " geniuses " in here are angry about is the results and results are 90% of a product called EXECUTION.

    And guess who's in charge of that ?
  15. Randy White

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    AMERICAS_FAN Active Member

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    Agenda? Seems I struck a nerve among a Garrett aplogist. Me, I'm not an apologist nor a hater. I want him to succeed, but he falls short of that - proves to be more of the same year after year. Hey, I'm just calling it like I see it. If you don't like the truth - tough nuts!
  17. diehard2294

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    thanks for posting.. loved woodson as a player and he makes valid points with this interview..

    especially the part about the window for some of these players to succeed

    today should be interesting
  18. Dave_in-NC

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    The difference is the Saints capitalized with a score running the ball. It paid off.
    We get to where we can make it pay off and don't even try. Maybe this week.
  19. Beast_from_East

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    I was really dissappointed by this organization that Barron was simply given a "pass" for blowing a road divisional game.

    He should have been cut in the lockerroom.
  20. percyhoward

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    That's an excellent observation.

    The play-by-play of the 2nd half of that Saints-Vikings game is something our offensive coaches should look at and learn from.

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