Aunt: Marqise Lee's father to attend first USC game

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    LOS ANGELES -- Marqise Lee's biological father will attend his first-ever USC football game on Saturday, Lee's aunt told on Thursday.

    Valencia Fisher, Lee's aunt, said she spoke with Lee over the weekend, that he would leave her two tickets at the Coliseum, and that she planned to attend the game with Elton Lee, her brother and Lee's father. They live together in South Los Angeles.

    Lee's father has been in and out of his life, with year-long periods passing between communication between father and son.

    For his final three years of high school, Lee lived with the parents of his friend, Steven Hester Jr. Steven Hester Sr. and Sheila Nero took Lee in out of a foster home in September 2008 and have been heavily involved in his life since, attending most of his games and frequent practices.

    Lee, 20, has had a difficult family life. Of his three siblings, one brother was murdered and one brother is in prison in Arizona. His younger sister, whom he talks to frequently, still lives in the L.A. area.

    Both Lee's father and mother, Toy Williams, are deaf. He communicates with them via sign language.
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    Top 5 pick in 2014, best WR in college football. Love to see him in a Cowboy uni.

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    I think daddy is starting to see the dollar signs.

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