News: Autopsy: Dallas Cowboy Jerry Brown Jr.’s blood alcohol level just below legal driving

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by RS12, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. demdcowboys#1

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    Still, well aware of the situation though. He definitely would have been able to tell Brent was far too intoxicated...
  2. jobberone

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    Some people don't seem impaired or that impaired with relatively high BAs. Others are pretty impaired with legal BA levels. So there is no way to know. A lot depends on a person's tolerance.

    The tragedy remains and nothing is changed.
  3. Illini88228

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    That's a poor headline. You can't know if someone was sober from an autopsy. All you can know is the BAC. That isn't a particularly good indicator for level of impairment.
  4. burmafrd

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    judgement can be impaired with just a few drinks. That has been established. It does vary from person to person. So there is no way to say that Brown's judgement was NOT impaired.
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    Old prosecutor here again. You guys are not quite looking at it right it is either intoxication to such a degree that an individual's balance or judgement either are significantly empaired (I think off the top of my head) or a BAC of .08 or more. Everybody is intoxicated at .08 and the vast majority would be at.056 and yes you can tell someone's BAC from his autopsy. That's simply the same blood test a lab does for both a living person and a dead one. In fact an autopsy test would be more accurate for what he was when the accident happened. His body would stop prosessing the alcolhol at the time of death. A living person's alcolhol can continue to rise for some time after he stops drinking and then starts to go down. In fact that's the normal. It's called extrapolation. It's one of the things that makes DWI proscecution difficult.

    So neither one should have been driving the car. Take the limo.
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    I caught that too.
  7. burmafrd

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    if he did blow after being dead that would be a REAL STORY
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