Available tackles?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by tayloner182, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. tayloner182

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    Looks like we're rolling with Free and Parnell for the foreseeable future with Tyron's high ankle sprain. But who is our backup third tackle? I think I remember something about Dockery being able to play tackle in a pinch, but I can't imagine they would rely on him completely without picking up another tackle. Anyone have an idea of free agent tackles that are out there right now?
  2. jobberone

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    Cook, if healthy, can play RT and move Free to LT (yeah). I'd think about signing Gurode. Not sure what kind of money he wants and what we can afford.
  3. Mr Cowboy

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    I wonder what Flozell is up to these days?
  4. Wolfpack

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    Flozell is an under appreciated Lineman here. He had a solid career here after Parcells got influence on him.
  5. unionjack8

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    i believe Phil Pozderac is still working out...............
  6. arglebargle

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    No one good is available. Some stopgaps might be still around. Even then, you are more likely to find someone not putrid at an interior position.

    Gourade is in the putrid category, imo. The only thing going for him is that he knows the system. He's still the champ at 'Disastrous Snap Derby'!
  7. ninja

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    At this stage, there aren't any good options for a LT out there. Some present Cowboy OL will have to step up.

    Perhaps, you could try to find some hidden gem or some barely serviceable player on some team's practice squad. Problem with that is that you have to keep the player on the team for a 3 week minimum. So, someone would have to get cut. Roster is already getting thin with all the injuries. WR Andre Holmes would probably be the candidate to get cut if they add an OL.
  8. xwalker

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    Arkin and Leary both played LT in college.
  9. jobberone

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    I'm really trying to feel positive about that but I can't make it happen just yet. :)
  10. Gossamer

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    With the number of penalties on this team, Phil would be 'just another guy'.

    But I do love the reference though.....

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