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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by diekrazy, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. diekrazy

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    I just thought I would share my great time shopping for a jersey earlier this week.

    I spent new years weekend and Monday with family in the Dallas area when I went to casually stroll around a Cowboys pro shop in an outlet mall and found that the lady tending the store informed me about a last day sale they had going on jerseys and various merchandise. I was surprised that even the authentics were on sale. I have never seen the authentics on sale. I could get an authentic for only $150. I immediately went to get my Ware jersey. They were out of Ware jerseys and my size. She was nice enough to call a shop across the highway and they were also out. She called a shop in Grapevine and they too were out. I was bummed. I then asked her if I could go ahead and buy a jersey and exchange it later with a jersey from my local pro shop in Lubbock. She said that it would be no problem. I was stoked. :D

    While she was ringing me up we got into a conversation about Dez Bryant and I said I wish he had an authentic jersey so I could get that one. She said he does and proceeded to tell me that all I had to do was go to the Cowboys stadium(which I have never seen in person yet) and swap out the jersey for anyone that I wanted. I drove through on my way home and stopped at the stadium(which looked sweet) which was jersey heaven by the way and picked up this beauty. I was so close to still getting a Ware jersey instead. It was a hard decision.
  2. FuzzyLumpkins

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    Are they selling Jason Garrett 17 jerseys?
  3. jblaze2004

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    lol...sold out....they are hot items
  4. Royal Laegotti

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    Customize one.
  5. diekrazy

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    They had jerseys there that I had never even seen like a Martellus jersey a Spencer and a Ratliff.
  6. IlliniNation

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    Got my Witten authentic jersey on ebay for 40 bucks.
  7. casmith07

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    Mine will be in my possession in a few weeks time.
  8. dgr81

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  9. SDogo

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    I have the Irvin 88 Jersey and those 8's are huge. They feel like lead plates on your chest.
  10. FuzzyLumpkins

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    Nah I want a Dez 88.

    Garrett still needs to earn my purchase.
  11. diekrazy

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    I'd like everyone's opinion, besides Ware who on defense would you like to have their jersey?
  12. rkell87

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  13. SaltwaterServr

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  14. Dawgs0916

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    Do you go to Tech?
  15. diekrazy

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    Sorry bud I'm an Aggie living in raiderland. Live about 40 min from Lubbock.
  16. Christiann

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    Yeah I got a Ratliff Authentic Jersey probably like 5 months before training camp in Oxnard last year, when I went to training camp everyone was looking at my jersey in awe because no one had one, or probably seen one.

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