News: B. Carr hosts celebrity softball game, makes James Bond-esque arrival...vid added

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    By SportsDayDFW sports
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    By Michael Florek

    Nearly everybody figured Brandon Carr was simply late to his own event.

    The Cowboys cornerback held a celebrity softball game alongside Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings on Saturday. The game included a number of local celebrities, NFL Players, former Cowboys and current ones.

    Every one of them went through batting practice and a home run derby. All they needed was Carr to start the game.

    An announcement came that Carr was arriving via helicopter, which would land on the field. It was met by laughter. Until the helicopter showed up.

    The helicopter landed in right field and Carr climbed out with seven-year-old Grayson Hughes, a student in Carr’s daughter class that was battling Leukemia.


    Read the rest: http://cowboysblog.**************/2...all-game-makes-arrival-james-bond-esque.html/
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    Landing a helicopter near a dirt infield .. not exactly well thought out :D

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    Three observations:

    It's impressive that Carr got three rookies to do some charity. Leadership!!! :)

    Dez, Mo and Carr seem to be forming a bond.

    That little kid in the chopper had to be thrilled beyond words.
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