B-more radio host attacks Dallas radio (Ticket) host at Super Bowl's radio row

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    I saw this headline 'Tensions Boil Over On Super Bowl's Radio Row!' and I correctly guessed The Ticket was involved

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    That was the headline on the ******** mega blog.

    Here's the first paragraph: "Baltimore sports radio host vs. Dallas host ... who ya got? Apparently WNST's "Nasty" Nestor Aparicio attacked The Ticket's Gordon Keith this morning while both were broadcasting from the Super Bowl."
    The story then picks up a detailed Dallas Sports Fans post.

    Here's a tease from there:

    "In the latest incident, Gordon Keith did have a microphone, but it is clear from the audio that he was not trying to provoke Nasty Nestor. Keith is now considering whether or not to file charges against Nasty Nestor. Anyone who was recording the live webcast of the incident, which was broadcast on the Ticket's webcam, is encouraged to contact the Ticket immediately.

    According to the detective who interviewed both Gordon Keith and Nestor Aparicio, Nasty Nestor was swearing and yelling while talking to police."
    The DSF post includes lots of details and lays blame for the incident directly on Nasty Nestor. Yes, apparently the police were involved.

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    Full story

    Nasty Nestor Aparicio Attacks Gordon Keith

  2. tomson75

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    Is that a pic of Nestor?

    I wonder if he knows he's gay. Maybe Gordon rebuffed his advances.
  3. theebs

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    it was pretty funny this morning listening to that.

    They were going to go break his chops monday but they were not allowed to.

    They have been at odds with the guy for awhile. I hope they come up with good ways to goof on him from here out, it would be funny if they started breaking his chops on air in baltimore!!
  4. VThokie7

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    Please press charges, I hate Nestor. I live just outside of Baltimore, where Nestor owns a little Am station (WNST 1570). He is a total joke and a jerk. At one point two years ago he threatened to sue the Orioles because they did not issue him a press pass. In spite of the fact press passes have disclaimers that they can be revoked at any time. And after he staged a walk out on the team and bashed them non-stop for years.

    His AM station is ran like a second rate high school radio project. The signal stretches about a half mile and barely makes it into the city. The hosts (with exception to Bob Haynie) are worthless. Unfortunately, when I worked in the athletic department for one of our local universities I had to deal with this loser and his crackpot station.
  5. StoneyBurk

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    That guy is gonna get it big time from the P1s when he comes down here for the superbowl
  6. mmohican29

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    I live in B-more and listen to WNST - owned by Nestor. The station itself is .... ok. He's kind of egotistical, but he built his radio station from nothing pretty much. He's definitely a controversial figure in Baltimore for the reasons listed in the article. I could definitely see him involved with this debacle.
  7. speedkilz88

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    Sounds like the NFL should have thrown him out regardless if charges were pressed.

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