Bacarri "Rambo" - Georgia Safety

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by DEMARC0MURRAY29, Mar 24, 2013.


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    Why are people so down on this guy? Ok, i get that he had off the field issues but if those are gone we could be looking at a major steal in the draft. He supposedly looked great by scouts during Senior Bowl Week. He looked really good at the combine as well. 16 Career Interceptions....those numbers are ridiculous and don't just happen because you play for Georgia.


    - Possesses the combination of overall strength and agility to fill multiple roles on defense.
    - Consistently reads routes and the quarterback’s eyes well, flows with plays from the deep half and breaks on the ball quickly.
    - His strong hands can snatch 50/50 and jump ball passes away from receivers, and is willing to throw his shoulder into receivers over the middle to separate the ball.
    - Effective cut tackler at the second level, also changes directions quickly to wrap up running backs making a quick cut.
    - Good effort, upper body strength to ride receivers and backs with a full head of steam to the ground or sideline.
    - Moves well with receivers downfield, can take away deep options and limit yards after the catch.

  2. Future

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    Maybe the best pure FS in the draft. I love the guy, and he'd be an absolute steal for this team in the third.

    Unfortunately, I think he's off JG's radar.
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    He may have more ink on his body than any college player I've ever seen.:eek:

    Really good player though.
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    Because he was suspended for games in both 2011 and 2012.

    DEMARC0MURRAY29 Active Member

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    16 career interceptions...i think he is the best pure ballhawk in the draft
  6. Rack Bauer

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    I really love his ability on the field and if he's available in the 3rd and we haven't taken a safety yet (Hope we haven't) then I'd definitely draft him.

    My only concern with him is the additude and off the field issues.
  7. Muhast

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    I'm probably his biggest fan. I'm a UGA fan(live in Atlanta). I would LOVE to grab him in the 3rd.

    He has a good attitude, and his off the field issues aren't as bad as they seem. He failed 2 drug tests in 2 years. Honey Badger failed 3 in one year yet people still want to draft him?

    Bacarri is a great coverage FS and a ballhawk. We need to stop going for "rkgs" and just take the best player.
  8. Rack Bauer

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    Honestly if we took him in the 2nd round I probably wouldn't even complain too much, depending on who else was available.

    I can still remember us taking Tony Dixon instead of Shawn Rogers. :puke:

    Though Rambo is a living, breathing god compared to Tony Dixon. Hell, I think Hostile would have been a better Safety than Tony Dixon.

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    I agree. I know this doesn't mean much too, but i follow Rambo on twitter and past couple of months he has been tweeting bible phrases and about working towards the draft. Compared to what other athletes post on's pretty good. Seems like he really changed his life around
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    Not maybe, he is.

    I'm tired of people saying "if he's there in third, I'd take him." He's a steal in the third round and even a value pick at 47.

    He's a perfect example of why you should never listen to (or even worse start believing) concensus opinions.
  11. Aliencowboy

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    Come on. The guy failed drug tests two years in a row. If the first one doesn't change your behavior, then the guy won't change. I wouldn't invest money in him because you gather that he's living off his natural abilities now and has already peaked as a player. Once he has money, he'll be less dependable and gradually decline.
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    Love Rambo.. But like some earlier have said he is most likely off the Cowboys radar.. He could be perfect for this defense though

    You never know with these guys though.. We did put in a supplemental bid on Josh Gordon last year
  13. Muhast

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    His DC is Todd Grantham who coached for us under Parcells. Grantham LOVES Rambo. Talks extremely highly of him and how coachable he is. Like I said, there are TONS of people who want to draft the honey Badger(who failed 3 last season alone) and several people who wish we would have taken Janoris Jenkins.

    Can the guy play? Yes. Is he a great fit for the scheme we will use? Yes. Did he produce in College? Yes(all american and all Sec).

    I don't mind using the RKG approach as it pertains to a top 10-15 picks where you are heavily invested into, but in my eyes the 2nd-7th round should always be BPA regardless b/c the money is so much lower that if they get suspended or something happens you move on. But the reward is great compared to the risk. Just my opinion of course.

    I think he is a Charles Tillman type of player at Safety(he strips the ball a lot) and just finds ways to create turnovers. I'm convinced he is the best safety in the entire draft and will make several pro-bowls. I've seen every snap of his career. Some team will look very smart for drafting him
  14. Aliencowboy

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    Totally disagree with this statement. I don't care about Honey Badger and who wants him. I'd much rather draft in 2nd and so on for a starter for the next 8 years rather than someone that will burn out in two years. BPA includes behavior. It's not a question of talent or being coachable, it's the fact that this guy doesn't have enough self-control to avoid hurting the team. In fact, it's just a waste of time which is why players get put in a box and off boards. Draft a talented druggie and that's what you'll get. Waste of time, money and also talent. Let him go to Cinnci.

  15. Muhast

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    He is a college kid, not a druggie. He actually only failed 1 drug test, the first suspension was for being in a car with someone who had marijuana and UGA suspended him for it.UGA has one of the toughest self-policing drug and incidents policies in the NCAA. He was suspended for "violating team rules" by being in the car with someone who had marijuana. The 2nd suspension he did fail a drug test immediately following spring break. The guy is a very good football player, and by all accounts is turning his life around after his suspension. Like I said, Grantham will likely give the Boys all the inside info on him they would need to decide if he is off the board or not.

    Here is what his coach said:

    ""He's devastated about it,'' Ingram said. ''He understood what's at stake. He chose to come back to Georgia next year instead of entering the draft. He understands that he's a role model here. He spoke to me about all the kids in Seminole County and in the state of Georgia who look up to athletes. He's embarrassed about it and just tore up about it.''
  16. Rack Bauer

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    This is just off the top of my head... you realize Randy Moss tested positive for MJ in college too, right?

    You're pretty naïve if you think he's got a drug problem cuz he tested positive twice. I guarantee you there's probably at least 50 players in the nation (college) that never tested positive that smoke out more often than Rambo.
  17. tm1119

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    Yeah a smart winning team like the Patriots or Ravens will snatch this kid up and he'll do great for them. Meanwhile, the Cowboys will draft a "RGK" guy (I still don't even know what that means) that will be a special teams guy at best.
  18. Aliencowboy

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    Sounds like the attitude of a druggie rationalizing their behavior. It's was after 'spring break', so you should understand. The first one he was in the car, but not smoking? Right. I'm a very good player so make exceptions and join my rationalizations. It's a dead end. Trust me no one is thinking Janoris Jenkins should have been selected over Claiborne. Talk about this in three years. Morris will be all-pro and Jenkins will be waiting for someone to give him vet-minimum based on his talent/potential he had in college.


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    2 drug tests in 2 guys act like he is a locker room cancer. He can obviously get through this (as he already is now).

    The tape on Rambo is undeniably good, Cowboys need to get him
  20. TheCount

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    I love that your response to a perceived over exaggeration in one direction is to over exaggerate in the other direction.

    Failing two drug tests in two years is noteable. I don't care if the kid smokes weed, I do care if he's prone to making stupid decisions OFF field that will affect his ability to get ON the field.

    I don't buy that he ate a magic brownie for one second, either.

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