Back from game...Boys vs. Hawks

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Portland Fanatic, Aug 13, 2006.

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    I wasn't planning on going, but last wed. my daughter won there regional softball tournament and we are now in Seattle for the Jr. World Series for softball!

    Since I was here...hey what a nice gift to myself and daughter to try and get tickets...luck would have it a scalper had tickets on the boys side 25 yard line row "U"...SWEET!

    Anyways, about the game...This night was about Romo...he looks like a seasoned vet out there making smart decisions and hitting throw after throw. Not sure his final stats, but I was very excited about how he looked. Rector made some great catches.

    Romo scrambled very well and avoided some pressures, however with that said the oline did a nice job on pass protection...remember this was not their starting dline for the most part, but still solid job.

    I am concerned about run blocking...we just did not get any yards there. I just was not seeing holes getting opened from my view. I suppose it's a work in progress still.

    Shanle started??? Not sure why...

    Defense is going to be great...even our second stringers are good...

    I thought Tank was solid, as was Hatcher from what I could see.

    McQuisten played a lot! Hard to tell how he did overall, but when I watched I thought he played well...may be a keeper.

    Watkins is a great gunner...seemed to be solid on defense, but again it's hard to watch all the time.

    Not impressed with Green...hope he shows his skill at some point, or he may be just average...

    Barber had some really nice hard runs in front of me...this kid fights for yards....really liking him! I think having both J. Jones and Barber will be an awesome duo...

    Sorry my thoughts are scrambled, but I thought we did some good things...Romo was the story tonight though!

    Oline good on pass protection, but concerned about run blocking...hopefully this will improve alot.

    OK...going to bed, and need to focus on winning a World Series.

    The games may be on ESPN2 from what we've daughter is #16 if you are able to catch any games.

    We play Phillipines Sunday at 5:45
    Puerto Rico Monday 2:15
    Florida Tuesday not sure time
    Ohio Wed..not sure time

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    Thanks. And good luck to your daughter!
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    He had decent returns of 19 and 11 yards.

    Green also was smart enough to let the punt sail over him and not try to back up from the ten yard line and risk fumbling it. That was just a great Seattle bounce the punter got when the ball hit the 3 yard line. There is nothing you can do about that.

    If teh return man is standing on his own 10 yard line, he should NEVER back up to receive a punt.

    I would venture to say that seven times out of ten, that ball bounces into the end zone.

    I praised Green for that good decision. That was about as smart a decision as Zuriel Smith letting that kickoff go out of bounds in the Meadowlands in 2003 (Parcells first victory).
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    Thanks for the report PF and good luck to your daughter.
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    Wow, glad to hear both stories. Good luck in the tourney.
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    Sorry, but who is Tank?

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