Back from MNF... my opinion of the Skins

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Danny White, Sep 12, 2006.

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    Had a great time watching the Skins go down last night! There's nothing better than making the long walk down from the upper deck with 80,000 dejected Skins fans! :lmao:

    I was impressed with the way they came out on offense. They seemed to have a lot of energy, and the offense did seem more sophisiticated than the pre-season, but they couldn't really ever sustain anything. I think Brunell's arm really limits what they can do.

    I thought Portis did well considering most thought he wouldn't even play. He should be healthier next week as well, so we'll have to account for him.

    After the way Cooley torched us last year, its good to see he has a VERY reduced role in this offense. He was never the primary target, and the few times Brunell looked his way, he was blanketed.

    If they don't try to work Brandon Lloyd into the offense more, that is some seriously wasted money. I don't know if they even threw his way more than once. The guy was a $30 million non-factor!

    The fans are already sick of Brunell. He was booed mercilessly every time he threw the ball away. The Skins fans around me were attacking him for things that I don't even think he was at fault for. I don't know why they're calling for his head, though... it's not like Peyton Manning's waiting in the wings.

    Most importantly, I really think the Vikings could have thrown the ball all over the field last night if they'd have wanted to. Even though their WRs are average, the Skins secondary was utterly incapable of covering them. I got so frustrated that they continually ran the ball on first and second down, then put themselves into third and very long... and then they'd convert! They were constantly converting on third-and-long! So that begs the question: if you're passing with a better than 50% rate on obvious passing downs, then why not throw more on non-obvious downs??? I really think Johnson could have put up 400 yards and beaten the Skins by 2 touchdowns if they'd have passed more.

    If Springs is out this Sunday, and we don't abuse the Skins through the air, then there is something seriously wrong with our team or our coaching. Also, the Skins pass rush seemed very limited.

    Lastly, both teams kicked off horribly. Very few kicks made it past the 10, and at the end of the game it almost cost the Vikings dearly. If we trot Vandy out there for kickoffs and he can't get it past the 10, it will cost us as much as poor field goal kicking, mark my words.

    All in all, though, a great night! Tailgating was awesome. Got to see Michael Irvin at the pregame, and got to see the Skins get beat!

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