Back from NYC...(A few pics)

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by Hostile, May 1, 2006.

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    Hi everyone. I gotta tell you I missed this forum and the Chat sessions with Dale especially, but man I had a ball.

    First thing I want to do is thank Juke99 for being a wonderful tour guide of Manhattan. Even if he just kept rolling his eyes when I asked if that was the building King Kong climbed. I thought it was a simple question. Who knew?

    I met Juke's girlfriend. Boy oh boy is he ever out of his league there. She's stunning and she's very nice.

    Friday we took in the city. The Wax Museum was a blast. Some of them are great, some are so so. The best one was the Dalai Llama. They have a picture of the actual Dalai Llama next to his wax sculpture and the likeness is scary. Friday night we went to the Yankees game against the Blue Jays. The entire stadium was shocked to learn of the death of Steve Howe in a car wreck. There was a moment of silence. I almost bought a Dimaggio jersey. I'm not a Yankees fan but I've always liked him and Mantle.

    Juke has some pictures to post. His camera is actually good (more on this later). We got pictures of the 3 guys who showed up in full uniform. I gave them cards and invited them to the site. I hope they drop by. They came back on Day 2 as Marcus Spears, Roy Williams, and T. Holmes. I have no idea who T. Holmes is, but they were cool guys.

    When taking their picture a very pretty red head, Vanessa, (shout out to my fellow red head lover Dallas) with green eyes wanted to be in the picture. I asked her why and she said she was a Cowboys fan from Plano. When I asked her if she'd have any objections to us posting her picture she said no that she has been in a few magazines. I can believe it, wow. Gave her a card too and hope she'll join the site. I think she said she works for NBC.

    Times Square is amazing. Especially at night. It's like an ant farm, it never stops moving. I dig architecture. That to me is art. Saint Patrick's is almost too much to take in it's so detailed. It's a shame it isn't on a hill somewhere overlooking the city instead of surrounded by skyscrapers. Grand Central Station was great too. Loved the solid marble stair case and mural of the constellations on the ceiling.

    Okay the Draft.

    There was a Broncos fan who was an absolute nut. He was sloshed from the minute he walked in. He said he was a stand up comedian. I believe it. His joy over the impending exodus of Jake Plummer was hilarious. He had some great jabs at Jets fans.

    I wish the Jets had taken Vernon Davis. I wanted to see them explode. They had a great draft and were way too happy for my tastes. Best chant of the Draft was the Giants fans telling them to get their own stadium. A close 2nd was the Jets fans describing the rape of the Redskins in the trade they made. Everyone agreed, the Redskins again, gave up too much.

    Juke posted a picture of Michael Irvin's tie. It had to be a clip on right? I couldn't stop laughing. He was a riot. When he saw the Triplets guys he was funny.

    Kiper takes a lot of crap from people yelling. The guy was really cool though. He never stopped studying. He didn't eat during the Draft at all. He smiled when people taunted him.

    Mort likes Jets fans. You can tell. They'd yell at him for a tip and he'd act like he was calling on his cell phone and then would tell them the line was busy.

    Yesterday the highlight was Mike Golic scarfing Krispy Kreme donuts for the fans during one of the breaks. Mort, Mel and Suzy were all laughing. BTW, Suzy is very cute in person. Much cuter live. The difference in her on screen and live is evident. My camera sucks. The picture I took of her was way too dark. It is one of the reasons I am going to buy a nice digital and pass this camera along to my kids.

    When I got there Sunday some of the guys from NFL Network were discussing Day 1. I enjoyed a comment about the Cowboys Day 1 that I thought might be interesting for you. One guy said, "the team that was flying under the radar was the Cowboys." Jason Hatcher was a sleeper on a lot of team's radar screens and he said we stole him. The comment was "Dallas didn't try and get cute or screw around. They targeted their guys and took them." Overheard one guy for ESPN say Jaws is very high on Fasano. Just passing that info along. Interpret it however you wish.

    I hope Juke got the picture of the Steelers fan. I can't describe him other than to say, I wouldn't be caught dead dressed like that in NYC. He had a Steelers towel as a cape, and Steelers underwear on outside of some black tights and a yellow S on his chest. I guess he is Super Steelers Fan or something.

    I got interviewed yesterday but the guy never told me who for. So I have no idea where to look for it. The guy asked me to grade Day 1 and tell me what I hoped for on Day 2. I gave us a B and said I wanted a Free Safety, thank you Pat Watkins and welcome. Amazing our mocks had him in the 3rd and we got him in the 5th.

    I don't know who (Gosselin) actually has the most accurate mock drafts, but I will say this. Having seen this event live, there's no way these guys know what teams are thinking. Speaking of that, what were the Bills thinking? I'm still scratching my head on their top 2 picks. It is obvious to this Draftnik that teams do not grade players off of any scouting reports. They don't even look at them. There's no other way you can explain to me the meteoric fall of some players. Speaking of which, bad day to be a USC Trojan huh?

    Anyway, I'm back in my comfort zone. Hope to rap with you all soon. I'll do this trip again if the chance comes. It was a blast. I talked to total strangers for 2 days and the subject was football. It doesn't get any better.
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    Nice report.

    Redhead pics!!!!!!!!!! LOL

    We're both loving Watkins - IN THE 5th!!!!
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    i hope you enjoyed our city :starspin
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    Welcome back and thanks for the update.....great post.
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    I'm glad you and Juke had a blast, post those pics soon to see what we missed out on.
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    This post sucks w/o pics :)

    Glad you had a blast, wish I could have been there.
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    Hos went to NY and both Hos and Juke went to the draft....and I did not even get a lousy T-Shirt. :( :laugh1:

    Sounds like you had a good time.
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    were are the pics Juke?!!!!!!
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    Well I was looking for a shoutout of the specifically, of course. I'm already popular on messageboards, I might as well go national. :D

    Glad you guys had a good time. I'm not jealous, really I'm not. I'm just feeling a lil queasy... :puke:

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    I want to see the redhead! Anyway, It would also be nice to hear about the extre-curriculars that you all took in. You can't go to NY and not indulge.

    What a cool weekend that must have been. Tell us more.
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    umm when my ex said that she was pregnant
  12. WoodysGirl

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    Ummm I can promise you that's not what I mean. :eek:

    There's a saying that jealousy is a sickness, so I was alluding to the fact that I'm trying not to be sick with it... :)
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    Enough already Hos, away with the fluff and get the pics of the Redhead up:D

    Welcome back. NY is a great place to visit. The lights and sounds stimulate the mind.
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    Look to Juke for the pics folks. His camera is decent, mine was a vacuum.

    Why did I know you'd all want to see the red head? She's Dallas' eye candy. He's the official red head lover here. Along with me.

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    I'll post the pics a bit later.... my take on things.

    Hos...heck of a good guy....lots of funny stories...excellent guest...truly appreciated everything...he became a New Yorker on day two...walking out into the middle of streets the split second the crossing light changed...I chalk that up to my tutelage *patting myself on the back*

    With regard to the green eyed, redhead...yep, pretty girl...but I still haven't found one prettier than my Almost Mrs Juke...and no, I'm not posting any pics of her here with all you perverts around *looking toward BradPaint*

    My highlight for the weekend...Friday night...Yankee game...there was a LOUD mouth behind us (from this point forward known as "Moron One")...and I do mean LOUD...and obnoxious too...and drunk...and an English language butcher...he had a hatred for Johnny Damon...and was yelling..."Hey Johnny...Hey Johnnnnnnny Damion ...Hey Dameeeeon" ya know, brilliant stuff like that. So, another guy (Moron Two) one row in front and to the right, finally yells back "Hey moron, why don't you shut the F up"....A back and forth ensued until this comment came out of the mouth of Moron Two..."Hey buddy, you can't even enunciate"...Living in NY, I've heard some harsh comments...but I was shocked someone could be so vicious as to accuse another person of bad enunciation. :D


    The draft....I posted, somewhere in the main forum, about the respect I gained for Kiper...he was completely dedicated to what he was doing...never once goofed off on commercial breaks (like all the other guys)...he just kept his face in his notes the entire time.

    Irvin LOVED the crowd and acknowledged them on more than one occasion.

    I was amazed at the knowledge level of some people (starting with Hos)'d hear stuff about a FS who was a third stringer at Sheboygen Picayune Community College.."Yeah, I like him but he's kinda stiff when he's in man coverage"

    Yeah, ok.

    Now...for my first pic....


    Doesn't look like much, right?


    Early in the day, Hos took his train ticket and slipped it into the cover pocket of his looseleaf binder, which contained write ups of players like the FS from Sheboygen Picayune Community College. Well, at the draft, someone(s) spilled beer all over it. So, later that night, we are on our way home...LONNNNNNG day....we're on the Long Island Railroad...the conducter comes around to check tickets. Hos reaches for his trusty looseleaf binder...reaches into the cover pocket to get the ticket, which comes off in beer soaked little balls of spit ballish paper mache pieces. The conductor approaches. What to do what to do. The tension mounts.

    Conductor says "Ticket please"

    The moment of truth has arrived.....

    Hos hands him the entire binder. (note the missing piece of the top of the ticket in the picture)

    Here's a more standard picture...more to come...

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    Oh you had to go with the train ticket story first.

    ~Hanging my head in shame.~

    Every time the conductor came back by to punch the ticket I'd show him the binder.

    He said, "if you ain't got a cold one for me I don't want to see it."

    I think it was a first for him too.
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    Ah, get over can't even enunciate.
  18. Hostile

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    Heyyyyyyyy Johhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyy!
  19. Juke99

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    Ya see what I mean??? can't even enunciate with the written word...

    It's not...Heyyyyyyyy Johhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyy!

    Heyyyyyyyy Johhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyy!
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    what are ya, lovers now or somethin?


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