Back from NYC...(A few pics)

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by Hostile, May 1, 2006.

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    I am a fan of the redhead, mainly because I am one and have never bonded with 'my own kind'. Call it a fetish. I can chime right in with you and Dallas on that score.
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    Hey guys,

    Well, meeting Irvin was awesome. I was kind of shocked because he, Troy, and Emmitt were all like idols to me when I was young. He seemed kind of out of things or like he was looking around. The other two guys mentioned it too. He just might be careful because of stuff that's happened in the past. He was nice enough to personalize and sign all of our helmets, so that was the highlight of my draft.

    I wish I could show the other two guys the site, but we all live in different states. I live in Atlanta, GA and the other two live in Delaware and Virginia. I met the guy from Virginia at a game a few years ago and he met the guy from Delaware 2 years ago. Now, we fly to all of the home games and meet in Dallas and go to the games together.

    The other two guys went to the draft last year, but I was unable to go last year. I think we will start going every year from now on. Last year seemed like it was more fun, not only the Cowboys having 2 first round picks, but Ware and Spears are more exciting that Carpenter in my opinion. I still think he is a good player though. Well, I guess we'll see how the season goes soon...

    Talk to you later.

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    We have some other fans from the ATL here too. I hope they'll drop you a hello. Keep on those guys to drop in and say hello if you can. It's cool that you all are from different areas and do stuff together. Great story.
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    Hi Zahed

    Jeez, man, what is your job that you can afford to fly to all the games??? Must be nice!
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    Thanks everyone for sharing...good stuff
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    Hahaha..I am not loaded or anything. I just make sure to save money to go to the games. I look out for airfare sales, etc. and find ways to save money. I think all the games cost about $3,000 per year.
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    Is that Chad Hutchinson and Richmond Flowers behind Aikman and Irvin?

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