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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by dexternjack, Aug 12, 2017 at 11:08 PM.

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    They don't have room for a 3rd QB. Roster spots for Gathers, Swaim, White, Woods, etc are already tough to find. What is the point of camp and preseason games if it isn't to find the best players. Rush is clearly much better. He is smart and has an NFL caliber arm. His ceiling is 10x higher than Mooore's. He could actually develop into a very good long term backup or even be traceable in a year or two. In fact, his performance so far is not far off of what Dak did last year. There is no way you keep Moore over Rush and I don't care what Linehan says. Make him a coach and if Dak goes down he can be resigned as the backup to Rush.
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    I have a feeling there are a lot of NFL eyes on Rush in case he's cut or put on the practice squad.
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    All I know right now is that I do not feel comfortable at all with Moore backing Dak up. He's absolutely terrible.
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    Rush looks like a nice developmental qb. I'll give McCown more than a couple series to get his feet wet before I write him off as a backup option, but I've see enough from Moore. Moore is less....
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    Could you explain this comment I don't get it
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    Yeah Luke was in there with the scrubs at the very end he needs a better chance to see what he can do.
    but Kellen I think I've seen enough to know that he just can't cut it.
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    You are much nicer in your comments about Kellen Moore than I will be. I wonder how he is still in training camp after what I've seen of him. He looks small and his arm looks week. Just as well develop Cooper Rush and send Kellen Moore packing, to be a coach somewhere.
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    He threw into triple coverage last night , early in the 2nd quarter.
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    Need to play Rush vs higher competition and Moore vs scrubs and see if results are the same.
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    I don't hate the guy, at least he tries and studies the game. Not his fault that he lacks NFL talent :laugh:

    I will be outraged if he is handed the back-up(and was clearly outplayed) just hate might develop! :D
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    Moore, bless his try hard heart, is a sack of nothing.
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    Moore just does not have the arm. Simple as that. The guy has everything else. But in this case what he does not have is critical.

    Cooper - guy definitely has potential.

    McCown is not a guy you start but has proven to be a very good backup in the past. So to me its a no brainer.

    Actually what they SHOULD do is fire Wilson and hire Moore as the QB coach. That way we keep him helping the other QBs without putting him on the field. Never been all that impressed with Wilson anyway.
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    I understand what Moore brings to the table. He is smart, can read coverages and is accurate.

    Those things just aren't good enough to be more than a spot player. His lack of arm strength means teams will stack the line, take away the run game and make this a dink and dunk offense because they know we can't hurt them deep. His floaters worked last week because he was playing against 2nd through 4th stringers while having a receiver like Butler that was much better than the talent around him. With the Rams having a fair amount of starters in the lineup early, Moore was relegated to being exactly what he is, Captain Checkdown.

    I do think it would be a mistake to go with Rush as the backup. It is just too big of a step up, but he clearly brings something to the table. Hate saying it, but it looks like he has a little "moxie" to him.

    We need to see if McCown is the answer. Give him a chance with the better players on the roster like Moore has received and see if he can show anything.
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    That's about how I see it.
    I did wonder why he hasn't done anything to strengthen his arm so he can throw better I wonder if he knows where the weight room is.
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    I was talking about Aikman.
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    He's tiny and fragile. He might not make it through preseason anyway. The more he plays the worse he looks and the higher the chances he gets hurt. So even if the staff loves him he might not make it.
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    I have heard that there really is no way to increase your arm strength without it affecting other things like accuracy. Must be true since the arm strength contention has been going on for a very long time in the NFL so if there was a good way to do it it would have been done.
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    Like Marrinelli's fixation on Hayden. He raved at how hard the guy worked; I could care less I want production.
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