News: Backlash to Romo Backlash Begins

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Arch Stanton, Sep 13, 2011.

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    Backlash to Romo Backlash Begins

    The Cowboys are standing up for Tony Romo.
    Several members of the team used Monday's chats with the media as a platform to express confidence in Tony Romo after he handed Sunday night's game to the Jets on a silver platter. In the Old West, they'd call it circling the wagons. We don't really have an updated version of the phrase, but it was pretty much the same thing.
    Keith Brooking: "I'll take that guy over anybody in the league. Y'all might thing I'm crazy, but he's going to have an all-time year. He's going to shatter every record."
    Dez Bryant: "I know the guys in this locker room wouldn't trade him for nothing. He's the best. He's the real deal. He is the real deal."
    Jason Witten: "It was a disappointing couple of plays, but that doesn't define who he is. We know what type of player he is, so we'll get back on track. We have all the confidence in the world in him."

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    Yeah, some of the comments are a bit over-the-top. But the piling on of Romo this week was at a level I've never seen before--especially given that he played an outstanding game outside of a couple boneheaded plays.

    You expect a backlash to the backlash. :D

    We need Romo to be a playmaker, but he needs to continue to learn to harness it. He took a step back in that area the other night.
    Although his overall QB game continues to get better--and we are not even remotely in postion to win that game without him--his wild hair erased some of the good on at least two occassions.
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    I agree. The fine line is you don't want him to not be aggressive. When a QB gets gun shy out of fear of mistakes they tend to hold the ball longer and not be as crisp with their passes as to avoid mistakes. On the other hand the QB has to be aware of the situation he faces and know when to take the gamble and when to live to play another play
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    Same song, 5th verse.

    Romo is our guy and I think he will have a great year but I don't need to hear circling the wagons talk after the first game. That's ridiculous.
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    Why not given the heat Romo is taking, his teammates supporting him when others are not.
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    Marshall Freakin' Faulk is defending Tony????? Did the world just end and nobody told me?
  7. Idgit

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    No kidding. It's not a verse you need to hear more than once, either, if you know anything at all about the role of QB in the NFL.

    Nothing worse than listening to Steve Dennis dismiss Romo's comments after the game as lip service with Laufenberg sitting right there telling him what a good QB Tony is, and how Steve doesn't really understand the numbers or the ups and downs of the position. Crazy.
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    Keith Brooking went a bit overboard but I get his point...
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    He doesn't know anything, or so we've been told. ;)
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    Just words you know Jerra would get mad ay his playas if they didn't defend Romo....but as a player especially the "D" you have to be pissed for hanging in there and having your QB give the game away...

    ...they played not to lose under 6 mins to go.

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