Bad crosswind landing attempt

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    I'll bet there where a few people on board this plane that had to change their diaper. Not sure how this pilot managed a go-around. It definitely looks like the wing got damaged.


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    I know I would need some new shorts :eek:
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    When he took off again you know those were the happiest passengers in the world because they'd have to do it all over again.
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    After three days the media finally gets around to reporting on this. Anyway it's the wind speeds the strike me as incredible.


    Pilot hailed for response to fierce winds

    Tip of Lufthansa jet grazes runway before pilot gets it back in the air
    The Associated Press
    updated 10:41 a.m. CT, Mon., March. 3, 2008

    HAMBURG, Germany - A Lufthansa jet was caught by gusting wind as it tried to land during a storm, causing the tip of the aircraft's wing to graze the runway before the pilot got the plane back off the ground, the airline said Monday.

    The airplane landed safely on its second attempt.

    The incident happened Saturday afternoon as the Airbus A320, with 131 passengers on board, approached Hamburg airport on a flight from Munich.

    Airline spokesman Wolfgang Weber said the plane was rocked by wind clocked at 250 kph (155 mph) as it tried to land.

    The left wing grazed the runway for a moment, but Weber said the pilot was able to stabilize the aircraft and take off again in what he called an "absolutely professional maneuver."

    "It was a dicey situation," Weber said. "People were quite shaken."

    Passenger Hansi Kuepper said on n-tv television that there was silence on board for several minutes after the incident. "It is hard to describe — it went very quickly," Kuepper said.

    The plane returned to service Sunday after repairs, Weber said.

    Germany's Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Investigation said it was looking into the incident. An expert with the office, Lothar Mueller, said it was examining why the runway was being used during the gusting winds.

    Axel Raab, a spokesman for Deutsche Flugsicherung, which runs German air traffic control operations, said he believed neither the tower nor the pilot had done anything wrong. He praised the pilot for "a very professional maneuver."

    "I don't want to anticipate the results of the investigation, but at first sight no one has anything to answer for," he said.

    Raab said it was an "unfortunate circumstance" that the plane was caught by such a strong gust of wind.

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    I have a question. What difference does this make?

    100's of flights monthly around this globe, land in these conditions. The approach to Brazil's Rio AP is notorious for this, and well documented on YouTube. You act like this was a conspiracy or something.

    I'm not meaning to act like a know-it-all, but "kick-out", or side-slip landings are a basic maneuver, taught in some shape or fashion, to every individual training for a pilots license.
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    if i throw up on normal flights i would of puked at least 100 times on that one
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    I bet you could hear the tightening and clinching of butt muscle to chair over the engines. :laugh2:
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    I probably could have worded that I little differently. Please allow me to try again.

    ABC and the Associated press claimed the incident happened today (Monday) when it happened on Saturday. My passing thought at the moment I wrote that sentence was, that most mass media seem to pride themselves on being timely and accurate in their reporting and even promote themselves as such.

    ABC was neither timely nor accurate.

    The idea of it being a conspiracy never entered my mind. I apologize you lead yourself to believe I was saying that. ;)

    As a pilot in training, I am aware that crosswind landings happen thousands of times a day all around the world, however, in the above incident it was clear that the left wing was damaged and the pilot was unaware when attempting a go-around. It is of great consolation to the 131 passengers on board that another accident investigation and report with fatalities is not being filed by the NTSB.

    Now that I have burned almost 200 words explaining what I did NOT say in an 11 word sentence I hope that cleared things up for you.

    Oh, the joy of Internet forums.


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