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BANG! - Eagles meltdown

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Daudr, Dec 3, 2006.

  1. Daudr

    Daudr New Member

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  2. Dcz84

    Dcz84 Member

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    WOW, that was good!
  3. followthestar

    followthestar Well-Known Member

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  4. SultanOfSix

    SultanOfSix Star Power

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    LOL. Sit in the passenger seat so we can drive you...
  5. dogunwo

    dogunwo Waves that make you sea-sick

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    Wow, wonder how they are taking it.
  6. Wolfpack

    Wolfpack Well-Known Member

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    loved the garcia part
  7. HighTechDave

    HighTechDave 7 Years of College Down the Drain

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    Great Find!!!!
  8. CrazyCowboy

    CrazyCowboy Well-Known Member

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  9. The Fonz

    The Fonz Correctamundo

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    One of his best very very funny:laugh2:
  10. flashback

    flashback Real Man of Genius

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    "Slappin' *****, throwin' passes, and we're gonna ride this thing til it spatters my glasses!"

    OMFG. :lmao:
  11. Cbz40

    Cbz40 The Grand Poobah

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    Thanks I needed that......Very funny dude
  12. theebs

    theebs Believe!!!!

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    pretty low rent in my opinion. I dont see how it is cool to put a fans face in a video and make fun of her because of her weight, unless the girls head was just put on that body. I dont think that is right, I highly doubt she knew they were doing that.

    Typical redskins fan stuff though. Its funny because I am still not sure the skins will finish in front of the eagles this year.
  13. SA_Gunslinger

    SA_Gunslinger Official CZ Ea-girls hater

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    that was in pretty poor taste, but the garcia thing was absolutely hysterical.

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