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    Date : 08.04.08

    He is best known for playing a notoriously rude hotelier who mocked the German race, physically abused his staff and made sexist comments about his wife.

    But Fawlty Towers and Monty Python star John Cleese will have to put all his diplomatic skills to the test when he begins his next writing project.

    The award-winning actor, comedian and writer has declared his support for the Democratic Party nominee Barack Obama, who is battling against Hillary Clinton for the right to run for the White House.

    And California-based Cleese, 68, who was brought up in Weston-super-Mare, is poised to become his speech writer if Obama gets nominated as the Democratic candidate.

    The 68-year-old, best known for playing the irascible Basil Fawlty in Fawlty Towers, uncovered a more serious side when he said he thought Obama, who is bidding to be America's first black president, was a "brilliant man".

    He said: "I am due to come to Europe in November but I may be tied up until then because if Barack Obama gets the nomination I'm going to offer my services to him as a speech writer because I think he is a brilliant man."

    Cleese also revealed he would be returning to his homeland later this year to help raise funds for Bristol Zoo.

    "I have a very strong feel for conservation as I am aware of the need to do all we can to preserve the world as we have it despite the ever growing population."

    Cleese was a regular watcher of Bristol City during his teenage years and admits their strong push for promotion to the Premier League has rekindled his interest.

    "When I was living in Weston and going to prep school I used to go up to Ashton Gate all the time," he said.

    "In the first game I ever saw City beat Colchester 4-0 and I think I can still remember the team - there was Cook in goal, Ivor Guy, Jack Bailey, Jack White, Cyril Peacock, Cyril Williams, John Atyeo, Alec Eisentrager and Tommy Burden came later but they were the team I watched right through the Fifties.

    "I always look for their result."

    When he moved to London he first followed Chelsea and then switched to West Ham. But after so many foreign players joined them he realised "they had no association with the area because they had sold half the England team.

    "Now every Saturday morning I go online to find out how City have got on and I was most disappointed to see we had lost to Southampton (2-0)," he said.

    "It's going to be very tight in the last games of the season, but I know from experience that it is often better to have the points lead already rather than the games in hand.

    "The main game will be Stoke - that will be an important one.

    "God knows how many years it has been since I went to Ashton Gate.

    "It must be decades.

    "But if they get to the Premiership I am sure I will come to a game.

    "I live in California now and I only come back to England in May or June when my personal assistant tells me the weather is safe to do so.

    "I moved here for health reasons because I get terrible chest infections during the English winter sometimes two a winter and I have suffered from diverticulitis." Cleese's other sporting love is Somerset County Cricket Club.

    "I watch their score regularly online and I usually manage to see them play most years but I didn't see them last year," he said.

    "I just know the players by their scores.

    "The only way to find out is by reading the Western Daily Press website but unless you read it every day you lose track."

    But for now he is praying Bristol City go up.

    "Send them my love and best wishes. I hope we do it." he said.

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