Barkley plummeting down draft boards

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, Nov 21, 2012.

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    08:05 AM ET 11.21 | For Matt Barkley, what a difference a year has made. When [Barkley] returned to USC for his senior year, it was likely with visions of bagging a national championship and the Heisman Trophy before entering the NFL as the No. 1 pick in next April's draft. However, Barkley's subpar performance in this disappointing season that has ensued is threatening to send him plummeting down draft boards across the league. ... Now, it is important to note that Barkley was not a lock to be a top-10 pick a season ago. In fact, scouts told me last spring that Barkley wasn't a cinch to be the third quarterback in the 2012 draft class, despite having a more impressive collegiate resume than Texas A&M's Ryan Tannehill [and Oklahoma State's Brandon Weeden].
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    He wouldnt make it through one quarter with this Cowboy line.
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    Barkley's still a pretty darn good QB, people are always quick to overreact when there's rumors of "draft stock plummets" this time of year.

    He may not be the #1 overall pick, but whoever drafts him will be getting a legit QB prospect who can absolutely be a franchise guy.
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    The problem with Barkley is he has a noodle arm.

    I'd rather find a guy with more physical talent and try to coach him up.
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    It's always funny when people say a guy would've been a higher pick last year than this year. Truth is once Brakley went through all the pre draft work outs, scouts would've came to the same conclusion that they are ultimately going to come up with in March/April of next year.
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    Me too. I see Leinart all the way with this guy

    There's quite a few guys--second tier prospects--in this draft that have potential to be coached up.
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    I didn't think the guy was a franchise QB last year. Nothing has really changed. He reminds me of Matt Cassell, Matt Leinart and Mark Sanchez. Not guys I would spend a top pick to QB my team. Maybe he is worth a later round pick, but I am not wasting a top pick on him.
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    When was the last USC QB to hit it big?

    Carson Palmer I believe. And look at what he is now.
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    There haven't been a qb for USC in a long time that make plays happen like RG3 recently. The WRs and RBs gets the ball from Barkley short a lot and they get all the YAC which inflates Barkley's stats. I saw it somewhat start when Leinart had Williams, Jarrett, Smith, and Bush if I'm not mistaken
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    Barkley is an above average talent who had exceptional talent around him to make plays and make his stats look better. He might have an nfl career, but I don't see him as a franchise guy what so ever.
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    I've watched Barkley all 4 years. He is a combination of John David Booty and Mark Sanchez. Barkley will be just like every other USC QB, average at best.

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    I'd rather find a guy with more physical talent who I don't need to coach up.
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    I haven't seen enough of Barkley, but whenever I see "USC quarterback with a questionable arm" I think of Matt Leinart throwing constantly to the tight end against Texas and wondering why people thought he was a good pro prospect.
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    Falling Player

    Matt Barkley Quarterback USC Senior
    6020 229 4.95 Potential Late 1st / 2nd Round Pick

    Despite nearly everyone labeling Barkley as the sure fire number one overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft when the season began, I could not jump on that “bandwagon” as I felt his play in 2011 warranted a second round grade. This season, despite two elite receivers to throw to, Barkley has struggled to play up to those lofty expectations. Never a big quarterback, his lack of premier arm has shown up this season as some of his longer passes have hung in the air a bit too long, which has allowed defenders to break and close to make plays on them. On a team whose defense has struggled, Barkley has been in shootouts in many games and has forced some throws that were intercepted because it looks like he felt he had to gamble to make plays when throwing the ball away would have been the wiser choice. While not a premier athlete, Barkley has enough foot quickness and athleticism to slide within the pocket to avoid pressure, keeps his eyes down field and can make good, accurate throws after re-setting or on the move outside of the pocket. Additionally, after suffering shoulder sprain, Barkley will miss USC's game against Notre Dame. Now he must prove to NFL teams he is healthy when he undergoes a physical at the Combine. Overall, there are many things to like about Barkley and that is why I gave him a high second round grade off his junior film, but he is not the premier prospect like Robert Griffin III or Andrew Luck coming out of college.
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