Barr Breakdown USC game-Video

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyschmps3, Apr 19, 2014.

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  3. PoetTree

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    Looks like a nice pass-rusher and a liability against the run...
  4. dexternjack

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    Would rather they get Martin over a LB at this point. Imagine one more stud on the O line over a gamble on defense that has too many holes to begin with. Not one defensive player drafted in the first is going to make more of a difference than an interior lineman at this point.

    Now, If Dallas goes defense in the first three rounds, I will retract my statement, but....if they get a linebacker followed by two offensive players, I won't be too happy.

    Donald, Martin or Dix is where I stand, get one of them! Would even take Jernigan over Barr.

    Now, an interesting scenario: what if Teddy is there at 16(Manziel won't be), do you(Jerry's perspective) pull the trigger? And maybe try to trade back into the 1st and get that defensive lineman(Ford or Nixx) if there?
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  5. JoeyBoy718

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    Barr wouldn't be a LB in this defense. But I agree with you on taking Donald (and maybe Jernigan) over Barr. Not totally sold on Martin though. I think he'll be great but I think there will be guys available at #47 who are just as good.
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  6. AmishCowboy

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    How big a difference between Barr and Ford?
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  7. ConstantReboot

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    I would rather get Barr. He can easily take over for Ware as a passrusher. We don't need a guard in the first round especially one thats a hybrid guard/tackle in the first. Nix won't fit in this system and I think Ford will make it to the 2nd round.

    Barr's 4.4 speed off the edge is hard to ignore. Especially for a DE.
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  8. Gaede

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    Barr has elite athleticism for the position.

    The more I watch him, though, the more I don't like a lot of things. a) Obviously, he's raw and looks visibly confused at times. b) Many times, is taken out of a play by a TE. Imagine what the OTs in the NFL will do to him? They have the technique that he doesn't.

    I'm leaning away from Barr, as my first option, now.
  9. unionjack8

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    honest question.

    how high is donalds ceiling?
  10. burmafrd

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    barr is very raw; he has only been playing D for 2 years. So I can give him a pass on some things. Pass rush is not something that can really be taught; you either can do it or you cannot. We DESPERATELY need pass rush.
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  11. bsheeern

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    Who is #99 for UCLA? Looks like a great late round pick who can play anywhere.
  12. Bigdog24

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    I lean towards Martin or trade back

    The media is talking up both Barr and Donald and they both have potential. But I think you nailed the biggest concern I got with Barr and Donald. .....What will the OT's in the NFL do to them?.... I love what Donald brings to the table, but OT's are not getting smaller. Donald's height and arm length is a concern in the trenches and a team has to gamble Barr will develop the skills to beat OT's like Tryon Smith. IMO they should take a player at 16 who will make an immediate impact. .....Build to your strength don't be average on both sides of the ball..... Continue the commitment to overhaul the OL and protect ROMO. Then use the later rounds in the draft for potential DLmen.

    The Offense is the only thing keeping this team in games and the OL is the key. It will protect Romo now and help a young QB in the future.
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  13. RS12

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    So the question is would you rather have a guaranteed double (Martin) or somebody who could be a 450 foot homer or just as easily strike out on 3 pitches (Barr). Bitonio basically erased him which is troubling because even though I think he Bitonio goes top 50, Barr will face at least that good on a weekly basis.. Seems like Barr needs to learn counter moves and better hand useage.
  14. CowboysLaw87

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    Cassius Marsh, and YES. I'd like to take this guy if he's around late. Hustler, always involved, and looks like he can play a few different positions across the line.
  15. xwalker

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    He would be a Weak Side DE. He would probably play primarily in the nickel as a rookie.
  16. JoeyBoy718

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    Sometimes I wonder between a physically phenomenal talent who is pure potential like Barr or a proven player who is less athletic like Trent Murphy.

    Barr has the potential to be the next Ware but he's just as likely (if not more) to be a complete bust.

    I'm not saying I'd pick Murphy over Barr. I'm saying I wouldn't be upset if Barr was off the board, we took someone else in the 1st (hopefully Donald), and then took a guy like Murphy in the 2nd or 3rd.

    I think he'll drop and lesser players will get chosen early because people are so fascinated with athleticism.
  17. lostar2009

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    The only team that will try to trade up at 16 for a qb is a team that already selected in the top 10. Pass 16 those teams are okay at qb and ill doubt i would pass up the value at 16 to draft in the second.
  18. daveferr33

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    I'm not quite sold on Barr at 16.

    But, I would like to get Scott Crichton in the second and/or Chris Smith in the third.
  19. DuDa

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    If we're going with an under sized edge rusher then give me Demarcus Lawrence all day. He is strong, good burst, hustle, and knows how to use his hands and leverage. I think he goes in the 2nd half of the first round.
  20. dexternjack

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    Staying in the baseball perspective and being a Mets fan, I'll play. D. Murphy/D. Wright(doubles hitter) and Granderson(HR or a K)....give me the doubles hitter every time.

    Like some have said, Barr is going to be a project and he has upside but there are too many question marks for me. Going from a LB in college to a DE in the NFL....IDK. I don't want to imagine Barr and Selvie as our ends opening up the season.

    Dallas has drafted a number of projects lately and some had immense athleticism yet most have not worked out to my liking. Heck, Mo was very athletic, Carter too.

    I would just prefer they draft the BPA and keep them at their natural position that they have been playing, not moving them around to plug holes.
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