Barr Breakdown USC game-Video

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyschmps3, Apr 19, 2014.

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    Ware had many of the same questions about him coming out of college. Also Ware played at Troy not exactly major conference but he turned out well for us. If Barr has similar drive as Warethen we be lucky to have him.
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    I would keep my picks and draft BPA.
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    I am going to take some comfort in knowing that our scouts are pretty good when it comes to pass rushers,they are rarely wrong and i trust them and the coaches if they pick Barr .
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    Thanks for the info!
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    Mo was not very athletic. His combine numbers were subpar. I was not impressed with us trading up for Mo. Yet Dallas took him for some reason.
    Carter maybe just not fit into the right system or has trouble grasping a change in a defensive system. Who knows.

    Every pick including a high round pick has risk involved. Sometimes we have to pick a player even though it carries some risk involved. I would take Barr at 16. I think he will do just fine in the pros if he lands with the right team and with the right coach. I don't think he's a project as well. He may be raw but who cares. So long he gives us sacks and rushes the passer we will be fine.
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    Dallas completely lacks any type of player like Barr. --a playmaking edge rusher
    They have 4 OTs comparable at RT to Martin.
    If you would not choose Barr over Martin for Dallas you are so far into BPA mode that you have closed up shop and gone home.

    Barr needs a lot of technique work and he has to learn to play a true DE role but if he is there you sprint his card up tot he podium because pass rushers are few and far between.
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    That's not true. Mo's combine numbers were good. He simply checked every box. He has a 4.5 flat, could jump and was quick in agility drills. He wasn't best of class in any one area but was solid across the board with tremendous game tape.
    Mo will be a fine NFL CB. Anyone doubting that should stop all football evaluation immediately.
    He has had issues here that were unexpected.... Death of his Dad who was his inspiration and a large Cowboys fan.
    And then scheme change away from press corners we had just used ALL available resources to acquire.

    Do not be surprised when Claiborne makes a Pro bowl because he will, either here or somewhere else.

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