Barrett Jones, where to play him?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Manwiththeplan, Dec 23, 2012.

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    I am not sure why people have mentioned he got handled by Jenkins in the SEC game. The Tide ran all over the Bulldogs that night and a lot of it was behind Jones.
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    Thats what I'm saying, he is a great center. He has good strength and will just get stronger. Jones is a very smart person and shows that on the filed with his ability to read defenses.
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    Agreed, RS. We shouldn't try to revamp the entire OL (again) -- but plugging the right guys into the proper slots can make a huge difference. Costa's not bad, but Jones should really excel.
  4. DBOY3141

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    I'm sure Garrett will have a long chat with Saban about all the OL from Alabama. Jones would be an improvement over what we have.
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    I would love for us to draft Barrett jones. We need smart football players like him. Dude is a world class violin player. Been playing since he was 6.

    Anyway I don't understand why he isn't thought of in higher regard when it comes to the draft. He's a soon to be 3 time national champion at three different positions. He's won the Outland trophy and the Rimington trophy. He's a 3 time All-American also. Sounds like the kind of guy I want on my team

    I'd take any three of the Alabama offensive linemen coming out this year though. Warmack is a beast and DJ Fluker is just a monster that has a nasty streak much like Erik Williams had
  6. Macnalty

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    I am not ready to compare Fluker (8th grade he was 6'3 and weighed 400lbs) with Erik Williams other than that he has a chance to be taken in the third round and is bipedal. I do agree he is a zombie and will maul you if he gets his hands on you, a speed rusher will provide real issues for his abilities, strength wise he is like trying to move a fire hydrant. Chance Warmack is smaller but similar and his refrigerator like body has the same wheels as my Kenmore not much lateral movement only forward and backward with great effort. Barrett Jones is the computer fridge with inflatable wheels, very versatile and sometimes too easy to push. The Cowboys kitchen could use two of the three talent wise which I assume is possible if D J Fluker is available in the 3rd rd. Jones I think is going to move up the more people know about him. I was hoping 2nd rd at one point, but he is in many discussions around the fan forums of other teams. If you liked the Stanford kid at guard last year, David DeCastro this guy is more versatile and has played at a higher level.
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    You can't judge a college player only by awards or college success. You have to look at the player and project him to the NFL.

    Tim Tebow was one of the all-time great college players, but the NFL is a different story.
  8. supercowboy8

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    No Costa is bad, did everyone forget last year. Costa played one game vs one of the worse running defenses in the NFL and played just OK.

    Last year Costa was ranked as the 28th center in the NFL. Cook is ranked 24th. Not that much difference. Also Costa out all year but one game meaning would he even be healthy next year.

    I want a big strong center that has played vs the top college players and knows how to read a defense and is very intelligent. That is Barrett Jones.
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    If we want a Center this year, then it's Jones in 1st or 2nd(if still available) or K. Holmes in the 3rd. Don't see any FAs that will be available that would not be or very little upgrade to Costa. That's hard to imagine.

    So in my eyes it's Jones or Holmes or nobody. Things could change before the draft. I do like the idea to trading back to 24th-pick up a 3rd- or back to 30th and pick up a 2nd. If KC would agree we could even trade out of 1st round and get the first pick in the 2nd and first pick in the 3rd. The value of our 1st and their 2nd&3rd would just about equal .

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