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Barrick Nealy?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Maikeru-sama, Jan 7, 2006.

  1. Maikeru-sama

    Maikeru-sama Mick Green 58

    14,547 Messages
    1 Likes Received
  2. Tobal

    Tobal Well-Known Member

    2,308 Messages
    286 Likes Received
    Whats your opinion on him?
  3. Maikeru-sama

    Maikeru-sama Mick Green 58

    14,547 Messages
    1 Likes Received
    Dont have one...dont know anything about him, that is why I was asking
  4. jbsg02

    jbsg02 Active Member

    1,719 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    There's a large difference in playing against the defenses of the NFL and Angelo State
  5. WoodysGirl

    WoodysGirl U.N.I.T.Y Staff Member

    74,177 Messages
    22,835 Likes Received
    He started out at UH under Dana Dimel, who had a more run-based offense. He transferred after Art Briles was hired and brought his pass-happy offense. Also, since the QB spot was already given to the true freshman, Kevin Kolb, to run it, Nealy had no shot at playing basically.

    I'm not sure what he's done once he transferred, but I know he was thought of as running QB more than the traditional pocket passer-type.
  6. Big Country

    Big Country Rolling Thunder

    3,716 Messages
    4 Likes Received
    same difference as swimming in a backyard blow up pool then transferring to the Pacific Ocean
  7. Hiero

    Hiero New Member

    3,075 Messages
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  8. Bizwah

    Bizwah Well-Known Member

    6,446 Messages
    741 Likes Received
    I would bet that he's going to be one of our predraft invites. He's a hometown boy afterall.

    If he goes undrafted, I think we'll bring him in as an UDFA.
  9. Naruto

    Naruto Active Member

    904 Messages
    244 Likes Received
    I know! I know!

    He took Texas State to the semi-finals this year in the 1-AA playoffs. He tore up the Aggies this year. He can play with the big boys make no mistake about it. He started out at UH and from what I heard transferred after a knee injury. He's got the size(6-5 230) and has the speed you want in a QB who can use his feet. He's got a strong arm but is a little less accurate. His throwing motion is like Vince Young's(they work out together during the summers). He ran the single-wing much like UT did. He ran for 1000 yards and passed for 2800 with 13 rushing Td's and 21 passing. If a team picks him up in the 5th or 6th I think he can turn some heads. I loved his style watching him play, he liked sitting in the pocket reading defenses but if the play broke down you'd see some mad scrambling skills.
  10. numnuts23

    numnuts23 Well-Known Member

    2,220 Messages
    231 Likes Received

    I've seen him twice this year. I graduated from SWT (now TSU), back in 01, and we always stunk it up pretty bad. Well, ever since this kid came on board, he made this team very fun to watch. He's MUCH more than a scrambler, but when he has too, he can be pretty nasty. I think it was on Around the Horn, where one of them was calling him the Vince Young of 1-AA.

    He can pass, he can run, and he seems to make pretty good decisions. As far as the comparision in throwing like VY, I'd say Neally has a better throwing motion, and can put it in a crowded area better than VY. He's probably a steal in the 5th or 6th. IMO he could go as early as late 3rd, early 4th.
  11. Naruto

    Naruto Active Member

    904 Messages
    244 Likes Received
    I agree. I think it's crazy that some of the QB's are considered ahead of him on the draft board even right now. Like Brodie Croyle. How many times has this guy gotten hurt and did he even know what an end zone looked like this year? He couldn't get his team TD's.
  12. SA_CowboyFan

    SA_CowboyFan Member

    111 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    I graduated from Texas State in '04, and I went to about 5 or 6 games this year. He is a good scrambler, but has a hell of an arm and a much better throwing motion than Vince Young. He definately needs some accuracy help, but w/ that, he could be a HUGE steal in round 4-5.

    As for him playing Angelo State and the like...that's just a ******** comparison. He torched Texas A&M and got an invite to the Hula Bowl. Plus, he took the team to the National Semi-Finals in 1AA (not too many slouches left playing). Also, I remember a guy named Steve McNair coming from Alcorn State. His competition wasn't top notch, but he turned out pretty well. I say we take Nealy in mid draft.
  13. junk

    junk I've got moxie

    9,294 Messages
    247 Likes Received
    Well, yeah, but McNair threw for over 5,000 yards against inferior I-AA competition. Nealy threw for like 2900.
  14. SA_CowboyFan

    SA_CowboyFan Member

    111 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    All I'm saying is that you can't judge a player by the division of school he went to. There are alot of guys that are studs in the NFL that came from 1AA, D2, and D3 schools.
  15. junk

    junk I've got moxie

    9,294 Messages
    247 Likes Received
    I agree. But you can use past players performance as a potential barometer for their success. There are obviously other factors as well.

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