Barron at SS versus Kirkpatrick at FS/CB

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Woods, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. Woods

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    If the decision were solely between these two players (let's assume no trades, etc.), who would you prefer?

    With Barron,

    Seems like a natural SS prospect and has the smarts to set up the defensive backfield as well. Probably the leader of Alabama's secondary last season. While he's not an "elite" prospect compared to several of the other Safeties who have come out over the past few years, Barron has to be considered a safe, solid prospect who could start very early on in his career, perhaps Day 1. He would likely be the best Safety we've had in quite a few years.

    With Kirkpatrick,

    Some are now saying he's the best FS prospect in this draft. And he's among the best, if not the best, tackling CBs in the Draft. While he currently weighs only around 190 lbs, Kirkpatrick is 6-3, and he should be able to add a few quality pounds (say around 5 lbs) over over the course of the next couple of seasons.

    What Kirkpatrick gives the Cowboys is versatility in that he is a guy who can play both CB and FS. At the minimum, he may save the Cowboys having to use another high draft choice on a CB or Safety this year and let the Cowboys have the flexibility to draft a pass rusher, OC, etc early on.

    IMO, the question I have regarding Kirkpatrick is he sort of a "jack of all trades and the master of none"? Or, is he both a quality CB and a quality FS? I do wish that as a CB prospect he was a bit more quick-twitch and a step faster. As a CB, he is compared to Quinton Jammer physically by some draft sites/draft analysts.

    Opinions? Who would you prefer between these two guys and in RR's scheme?
  2. RS12

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    I'll go against conventional wisdom and say they dont pick either at 14. Neither worth the pick IMO. Still think somebody they dont expect drops if they stay at 14.
  3. unionjack8

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    Kirkpatrick, if Jenkins is leaving next year why not a great young cheap guy to fill his place.
    If Jenkins stays we got 4 good cb's
  4. Woods

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    I'm not saying we're definitely taking either one.

    I was asking between the two, who would you prefer if it came down to it?
  5. GloryDaysRBack

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    Hands down

    He's a known commodity..Barron > Kirkpatrick at CB..Dre at FS is an unknown. I'll take Barron..kid is severely underrated
  6. burmafrd

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    never use a 1st on a player you are going to have switch positions
  7. johnnyd

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    i wouldn't quite call him underated being a possible first round pick. However on this board people skim his bio and read "in the box saftey" and immediatley call him RW31 and think he's a bust.
  8. Woods

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    This was my initial feel as well.

    Barron is similar to DeCastro in the sense that from the Cowboys perspective and/or needs he's "plug and play" right off the bat.
  9. fanfromvirginia

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    I'll take Barron over Kirkpatrick.
  10. TheFinisher

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    We already know Barron is a good Safety, the only thing that he lacks in his game is elite speed, which BTW very few Safeties have. He still has good speed for the position though and is very instinctive, he's all over the field when you watch Bama play and has been a leader on a defense that has won 2 Championships over the course of 3 years.

    He's mentally tough, experienced, and has the physical tools you look for at that position. And on top of that is a high character guy with leadership qualities.
  11. fortdick

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    Barron has had double hernia surgery and coul die on the field at any moment, and we should stay awa......

    Nvm, thinking of a different position.
  12. fortdick

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    I poked fun at ya, but have to say you hit this on the nose.

    I prefer taking Harrison ion the second and using the first on either DeCastro or Konz. I just believe that Harrison is a better cover safety than Barron, who does remind me or Roy Williams. There size and 40 times are almost identical. Although Barron seems to be the better SS prospect, I think Harrison can be moved to FS and let Sensi move to SS.
  13. GloryDaysRBack

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    I should have been more clear..Barron is underrated by the armchair scouts and GMs.. The real draftniks and GMs value him correctly
  14. TheSport78

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    Kirkpatrick and Barron are both sound tacklers, something our D is lacking.
  15. jblaze2004

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    Mark Barron Scouting Report
    By Charlie Campbell

    Very Instinctive
    Hard hitter
    Form tackler
    Excellent in run support
    Plays well in tackle box
    Plus ball skills
    Takes good angles
    Can cover tight ends and backs
    Bigger than most safeties
    Experienced 3-year starter

    Had coverage lapses in 2010
    Lacks elite speed, but runs well

    Player Comparison: Adrian Wilson. Barron could be an NFL player who turns out to be similar to Wilson. Wilson has been one of the best strong safeties in the NFL over the past decade. He was a third-round pick in 2001 out of North Carolina State, but Wilson obviously should have been drafted in the first round.

    Both Wilson and Barron are physical football players that are always around the ball. Wilson (6-3, 230) is heavier than Barron, but when he entered the NFL, he was 213 pounds. Over his impressive career, Wilson has been a five-time Pro Bowler and three-time All-Pro selection. Barron has a similar game to Wilson, and he has the potential to be a special strong safety.

    NFL Matches: Dallas, Cincinnati, San Diego, New England, Green Bay

    Barron could be a fit for a lot of teams in the first round. Dallas, Cincinnati and San Diego all need safety help. They pick at Nos. 14, 17 and 18, respectively. That is probably the highest that Barron could hope to go.

    New England had some ugly safety play during the 2011 season, and that position has to be addressed. It seems unlikely that Barron would get past both of the Patriots first-round picks late on Thursday night. Green Bay could also use safety help depending on the future of Nick Collins. Barron has excelled in a complex 3-4 defense in college, so that would make him a good fit for the Cowboys, Chargers, Patriots and Packers.

    read more:
  16. johnnyd

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    100% agree my man
  17. Bowdown27

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    Without a doubt in my mind I agree. I like Barron alot more then dre. And I like dre
  18. Future

    Future Intramural Legend

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    Similar, but wouldn't be nearly as effective as DeCastro imo.
  19. InmanRoshi

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    It seems that Kirkpatrick's best qualification for S is simply that he's a slow CB. If that's all it takes to be a great safety, then there should be a ton of slow CBs available in the 5th, 6th and 7th round who will likewise turn into great safeties.
  20. The Realist

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    Great call. Should have passed on Ware.

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