Barron at SS versus Kirkpatrick at FS/CB

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Woods, Mar 31, 2012.

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    I just worry about a defensive backfield of Barron & Sensy. Can we get a ballhawk in here?
  2. Bizwah

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    Barron had 12 interceptions at Alabama.

    Looks like a ballhawk to me.
  3. Deep_Freeze

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    The first thing you read in any report of Barron is his ballhawking skills, instincts, and even his attention to film work (which has made Ed Reed the player that he is today).

    Only problem I do have with Barron and Sensy together is both are probably better at SS than FS. Sensy is really a tweener though, so he could play FS with an elite talent beside him although he is good at covering TEs and RBs like a SS does alot, he isn't a real physical guy.

    In our system, Ryan seems to favor safeties who are hybrid anyway.
  4. The Realist

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    It's called the secondary for a reason.

    Fix the pathetic pass rush.

    If I'm our NFCE opponents I'd be chomping at the bit to draw up ways to attack Barron.
  5. Chuck 54

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    I don't see either of those guys going to ss...there's a reason Poole is on a short Barron or Kirkpatrick end up at FS with Sensy at ss.
  6. fortdick

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    Not the same thing and you know it.
  7. burmafrd

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    I guess he thought it was better then remaining silent and making people think he knew something rather then posting and removing all doubt.
  8. cbow44

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    Between these 2, Kirkpatrick with out hesitation. He can do everything Barron can do, plus is a pretty darn good cornerback. He has only given up 2 touchdowns in his CAREER. That includes high school. He loves contact, I'm so tired of seeing out db's throwing them selves at the other teams toes. when Kirkpatrick hits them they stop dead in their tracks or go backwards. The only drawback is attitude. I dont know which one loves football. the gym rat, the guy that loves to study film. I have read that some teams think Kirkpatrick has too much swagger or attitude. Thats the part of the process I have to trust the scouts and coaches on.
  9. baj1dallas

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    I think the plan is to play Sensy at FS.
  10. AbeBeta

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    Brian Urlacher was a hybrib LB/Safety. He had to change positions.

    But I do agree with the point
  11. Primetime42

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    Like that DE we drafted out of Troy in 2005.
  12. Future

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    Well, with Pool here I would think he'd be in that role, allowing Sensy to play more in the box.

    I think we're probably going to see a lot of diff. personnel grouping at safety because we've got a number of guys who are better in the box than they are deep. I guess that is where Pool will fit in...

    Passing situations - Pool/Sensy
    Run Situations - Sensy/Church
  13. RealCowboyfan

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    Im really torn in between the the two here's why:

    Barron, hard hitter, cover alot of field, can't check Megatron one-on-one, but he can deliver an explosive hit on him though.

    Kirkpatrick, hard hitter, shuts down wide receivers, number one Conerback recruit coming out of high school, have the size and ability to check Megatron, and is versatile enough to play FS and CB.

    Kirkpatrick by a edge slide only because the Cowboys have Pool and Church and draft a safety in the 4th Round.
  14. 28 Joker

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    I'd take Mark Barron over Dre Kirkpatrick, because Barron is a cleaner prospect on and off the field (intangibles), imo. Here is what Bucky Brooks (NFL Network) said about Barron:

    2. Mark Barron will be a very good pro safety. He is smart and versatile, and can play deep in the middle or in the box. There is no problem with his ability to play in space. He could also play as a “big” nickel in sub packages. He is fast enough (unofficial 4.55 in the 40-yard dash) and has the tools to be a hybrid-type playmaker. He should go in the middle of the first round

    With Mike Jenkins in a walk year and coming off shoulder surgery and with Brandon Carr making big time money ($ 50.1 million) already and with Orlando Scandrick being overrated and overvalued by the Cowboys (imso), taking the CB over the safety can be justified. However, I'd take Stephon Gilmore.
  15. Yuma Cactus

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    IMO the CB class is much deeper and some good players can be had in the 3rd-7th rounds i.e. Hosley, Trumaine Johnson, Josh Norman, Minnefield etc... The safety class is much shallower and Barron is well above the rest of the class. And I would surely take Gilmore over Dre anyway.

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