Barron scares me at #14 because

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by garyv, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. RS12

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    D Ware 9 or 11, Dez 24. Point is two fold Coples, Cox and Poe have elite upside and are at positions that make a bigger difference in outcomes of games. Gnats have proven twice in four years their blue print works.
  2. theogt

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    Doesn't really seem we can go wrong if we make one of those four picks.
  3. visionary

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    i just want great players
    could care less about elite prospects
  4. Zimmy Lives

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    Thanks! I think so, too.

    I just do not want a CB at #14. :D
  5. Dash28

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    When were they considered "elite" as a prospect?

    You're getting it twisted.
  6. jswalker1981

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    Ooohhh, revisionist history.
  7. TheFinisher

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    I don't think we're on the same page about what an Elite prospect is. There's only like 2 or 3 in the average draft.
  8. DBOY3141

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    Agree on players, but I would switch Barron and Hightower. I think safety is a bigger need and we really, really , really need a safety.
  9. InmanRoshi

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    The injury situation is probably the most scary thing about Barron. It's also one of the things that might makes him a bit tantalizing. His last fully healthy season he had 7 INTs. He ran a 4.53 on his Pro Day after sitting on the shelf for 3 months. It's not inconceivable that he could have ran in the 4.4s had he been able to attend these draft prep/speed camps that the rest of the players participate in. One could make the case we haven't even seen the full potential for Barron as either a player or an athlete. I'm still a big fan of Cox, however.
  10. JeffInDC

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    :bow: Real football players play in big games whether they are hurt or not. And, Barron was doing all this on the biggest of stages.
  11. ddh33

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    I have no problem with Barron being the pick. In fact, he's probably going to be my preference. The only guy I might like more is Cox.

    I feel like games are won and lost on third down. With that in mind, I don't see the point of drafting a guy in the first round who isn't going to make an impact on that down. Barron will. He can play on every down and at every level of the defense. Hard for me to pass that up.
  12. Zimmy Lives

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    Both are outstanding players with unique leadership qualities. I guess they can be interchangeable on my list. :D
  13. RS12

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    Updated 4/5- 4:15PM: Detroit Lions looking OT? Gilmore & Green moving up boards….

    - Stanford junior tackle Jonathan Martin is all over draft boards and receiving grades from the first round to the second day. We hear the Detroit Lions could be surprise suitors for the athletic blocker late in round one. Why? Several sources have told us the injury suffered in last years playoff game to aged veteran Jeff Backus is the primary reason. Another factor is the teams other tackle, Gosder Cherilus, will be a free agent after the 2012 season and the Lions have made no overtures to extend his contract to date.

    - Word is Bobby Massie is the other junior offensive tackle that could slide into the late part of round one. Depending on whether or not they select Ryan Tannehill at the top of the draft we’ve been told the Cleveland Browns will consider Massie with their second round choice. The other two teams mentioned in the conversation were the New York Giants and Pittsburgh Steelers.

    - South Carolina junior cornerback Stephon Gilmore is moving up draft boards. Word is he could be off the board in the top half of round one. We also continue to here the opinion that Gilmore, rather than Dre Kirkpatrick of Alabama, will be the second cornerback selected after Morris Claiborne.

    - The consensus has Coby Fleener of Stanford as the top rated tight end in the draft. Most boards then have Dwayne Allen of Clemson. So who ranks third at the position? Our feeling is Ladarius Green of Louisiana Lafayette will be selected much earlier than people presently predict and its an opinion that’s shared by a number of teams. Green has visited the Miami Dolphins and Cleveland Browns, who don’t expect the big tight end to be around when they are called to the clock in round three.
  14. CATCH17

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    Is Gilmore going to be the guy that throws off the entire first round?

    There is always that guy who goes way higher than expected and he seems like a good canidate.
  15. dadymat

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    so what you are saying is that Barron could possibly end up being elite....
  16. Randy White

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    a :D to my face watching the Barrons fans come out in full force. Tells me I'm not " THAT " blind in what I saw of him back in January..

    Still, Barron is not going to " blow up " anybody and he does seem to whiff once in a while, which is why I also said back then that instead of a light hitting SS, he's more of a strong hitting FS, very similar to another former 'Tide and ex-Cowboy George Teague. If he's as football smart as Teague, and develops a nack for the big play, like Teague did, I'd take him and don't look back.

    But passing on Kirkpatrick would hurt alot, and passing on DeCastro is almost devastating..
  17. rkell87

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    alex smith #1
    braylon edwards #3
    troy williamson #7
    mike williams#10

    aaron rodgers#24
    roddy white#27
    logan mankins#32

    if you draft the right players it doesn't matter where you draft
  18. Duane

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    Could be, corners are always in high demand.
  19. TheFinisher

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    I know, I'm not arguing that you can't find good players outside of the top 5... just that the elite prospects tend to go in that range. Rodgers, White and Mankins were not labeled elite coming out. My post was a response to someone who said they wanted an elite prospect at 14, and that's just not gonna happen. But, that's not saying we can't draft someone who eventually develops into an elite player.

    Elite prospects are rare, the only ones I can think of that deserved that label over the past few years are Patrick Peterson, AJ Green, Ndamukong Suh, Calvin Johnson, Matthew Stafford, and Joe Thomas.

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