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Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by peplaw06, Mar 5, 2006.

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    Hey guys... Baseball season is right around the corner with Spring Training starting and the World Baseball Classic underway. I for one am stoked, as I'm a baseball fan first, football fan a close second.

    This is actually a pitch to get some members at a new message board for the Seattle Mariners... I know it's not the Rangers, but not all Cowboys fans like the Rangers. Actually it doesn't even matter if you're a M's fan or not... though surely someon out there is. We just need some more members. I'm going to be one of the Forum Mods. This Message Board is awesome, and I want the same thing over on Mariners Zone. It's actually a lot like this Board in the format. So if anyone's interested, M's fan or not (yes even Rangers fans:D ), please stop by.

    Mods, sorry if this is in the wrong place or against the rules. Please move it if it is.

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