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    I find it a strange coincidence that three of the biggest baseball stars linked to steroid rumors (Bonds, Giambi, and Sosa) are all missing time due to "back spasms". I'm waiting for Sheffield's trip to the DL.

    Does anyone know if these are symptoms of steroid abuse or stopping steroid usage?
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    Those aren't symptoms. I was a moderator on a body building/steroid board back in the late 90's. Speaking from personal experience and that of others I never once heard of people talk of having back spasms.

    Guys that are on high doses of androgens can have water retention - the look of being puffy, cases of acne and oily skin, rage problems, hair loss and baldness, testicular shrinkage - most guys take Clomid to keep them working and at a more normal size and an occasional case of gyno - that you can keep in check with Nolvadex.

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