battery charges filed after passing gas

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    SOUTH CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) — A West Virginia man has been charged with battery on a police officer for allegedly passing gas toward a patrolman.

    Thirty-four-year-old Jose Cruz of Clarksburg is also charged with driving under the influence, driving without headlights and two counts of obstruction.

    Cruz was pulled over by South Charleston police Tuesday for driving without headlights. After failing field sobriety tests, Cruz was taken to the station for a breathalyzer test.

    The criminal complaint says that as a patrolman was preparing the machine, Cruz scooted his chair over, lifted his leg, passed gas and fanned it toward the officer.


    Old story but ran across is and had the same reaction as the news anchor. :laugh2:
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    I wonder what the officer would have done to this Hippo. (video on that page, but not one I can embed here. ie, not Youtube)

    Gotta say. That was hellacious. Glad I only saw the video and not been there first hand. :laugh2:
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    :lmao: :lmao:
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    Can't force myself to post it.
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    Ohhhhh... from the thread title I thought there was a way to charge your batteries by passing gas.
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    If passing gas in public is a crime this guy should be one of the worlds 10 most wanted.


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