Bayless Writes of his Cowboys Collision

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by dallasblue05, Jul 13, 2005.

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    In honor of my 100th post (wich really isnt a big deal), I decided to post a funny story I read that Skip Bayless wrote as part of his Page 2 column for I dont think this has been posted yet, but if so, I apologize. Once you have read it, close your eyes and picture it in your mind, it gets even funnier then.

    Marked Man
    One night after a Cowboys playoff game in Detroit, I hitched a ride home on the team's charter flight. Some editors frowned on this because it was a subtle way for a team to buy a columnist's objectivity by providing free airfare. But as any player or coach from the Jerry Jones era will tell you, my objectivity was not for sale.

    I just wanted to get home faster.

    And in this case, I was risking my life. Oh, the plane was as safe as planes can be. But I sat in the front of a coach section filled to the back with angry football players drinking alcohol. That's a dangerous mix.

    The Lions had just taught Jimmy Johnson's young Cowboys a 38-6 lesson, and the silence behind me was deafening.

    But about halfway through the flight, a player commandeered the PA system and said, "Skip Bayless, you are wanted at the back of the plane."

    Media members seated around me gave me "uh oh" glances. One of them said, "Just ignore it." No, I said, I can't back down.

    I inhaled and exhaled deeply and started walking up the aisle as if I could whip anyone on the plane. I was scared to death.

    Waiting for me by the lavatory door was the scariest man on that team, left tackle Mark Tuinei (who's since passed away). Left guard Nate Newton, who weighed about 350 pounds, had told me Tuinei was the one Cowboy he couldn't beat in a fight to the death. And now Tuinei was literally breathing fire on me -- I could smell the alcohol on his breath as he positioned me against the bathroom door.

    "Why have you been so hard on Troy?" Tuinei asked.

    [​IMG][font=verdana, arial, geneva]Scary things can happen when you pick on Troy Aikman.[/font]Ah, now I got it. Tuinei in effect was serving as quarterback Troy Aikman's bodyguard.

    Aikman's sprained knee had given backup Steve Beuerlein a chance to play, and the team had taken off. Not only had the Cowboys stunned the Eagles in Philadelphia to make the playoffs, but in the first round they had knocked off Mike Ditka's Bears at Soldier Field.

    I knew Johnson still wasn't sold on Aikman, and the team obviously had responded to Beuerlein's moxie and leadership. As Jones would say after the Cowboys broke through the following season and won the Super Bowl with Aikman: "Jimmy was as surprised as anyone about Troy's success."

    But Beuerlein had struggled that day in Detroit, and Aikman hadn't been much better in relief. Still, Aikman obviously was steamed that I had led the cheers for Beuerlein, and now Aikman eased up behind Tuinei to listen to the interrogation.

    I calmly tried to explain to "Too-ey," as he was called, why I had written nice things about Beuerlein. But Tuinei wasn't interested in polite logic. He obviously just wanted to intimidate me, or worse.

    He began to shove me against the bathroom door with explosive little open-handed shots to the shoulders, as if he were pass blocking a defensive end. I wasn't hurt, just a little shook up. But I was too scared to be scared, if that makes sense.

    Now several other players gathered in the aisle to watch the show -- or maybe they just needed to use the bathroom and were afraid to ask Tuinei's permission. Even if one of them had thought Tuinei was going too far, I doubted that any player would have the guts to say so.

    This time I didn't raise my voice or get angry. I wasn't afraid of Frank Thomas, but this was a whole new ball game. Through a maniacal grin, Tuinei said: "How would you like it [shove] if somebody [shove] wrote bad stuff about you [shove]?" Suddenly, the players in the aisle parted and Jimmy Johnson came rolling through like Emmitt Smith on third and short.
    "What are you doing back here?" he asked me with a knowing smile. I just shrugged.

    "I think you need to get back to your seat," he said. "Same for all the rest of you." Fortunately for me, there was one man who scared Mark Tuinei.
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    Good stuff. While its a repost I think it deserves it's won thread.

    It amazing the difference between perception amongst fans and reality on the team.

    Most would swear that Troy was a lock to be the next franchise QB as soon as he was drafted, but Jerry Jones quote is very revealing...........

    I knew Johnson still wasn't sold on Aikman, and the team obviously had responded to Beuerlein's moxie and leadership. As Jones would say after the Cowboys broke through the following season and won the Super Bowl with Aikman: "Jimmy was as surprised as anyone about Troy's success."

    .....Parcells has mentioned Romo moxie.......but Henson like Troy is considered the QB of the future by most fans and mediots. It will be interesting to see which guy steps up and takes hold of the team.
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    I agree, I barely remember the first SB of the 90s and I will say that I was really taken back by what I was seeing. At that time, I was cowboys fan no doubt, but since I was so young, I liked anyone who was winning, but Dallas was my favorite. As I watched that game, I remember being wide eyed at watching Troy lead that team, and from then on, the deal was sealed, I would love the 'Boys no matter what.......and Troy too. I think we are kiind of in the same position as we were then, but the difference is Drew hasnt played in 3 years, and Romo has never been in a situation that required him to lead a team. I am very nervous about our QB situation of the future. But we are One Nation, Under the Star, with liberty and justice for all cowboy fans, and I trust our beloved Star's guidance.
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    Jimmy Johnson was a great coach for this franchise, but he didn't know diddly about the professional QB position early in his career... this is the same Johnson that used a #1 in the supplemental draft to choose Steve Walsh...

    On another note... pseudo-journalist Skip Bayless continues to attempt to make a living off of the Cowboys with his National Enquirer-like trash musings... he's only been gone from the DFW area for almost 10 years now... :rolleyes:
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    But who drafted Troy Aikman.......Jimmy Johnson..... you can't have it both ways, the facts are every coach worth thier salt would hedge their bet, because noone really knows until the player proves they have what it takes.

    Good coaches don't have the luxury like fans or mediots to buy into the franchise QB theory before a player proves his mettle.

    Jimmy Jhonson didn't believe in Troy until he proved he could earn the job, keep the job and lead his team to the SuperBowl.

    I agree that Skip has a flare..........but his quotes from Jerry which are factual information can't be refuted. Jimmy didn't annoint Troy, even though he was a much better prospect than Henson. He brought in Walsh to hedge his bet just in case and Troy did the rest.

    How I wish this could be history repeating itself, but I also like to point out the delusional thinking of some fans and mediots who think they know if a QB has what it takes before they prove it.

    If the great Jimmy didn't know how could they.

    Landry alternated Roger and Morton between plays within offensive series....a claer sign that he didn't know which direction to take the team offensively or whom to hand the reins to until either QB proved their worth.

    Next time someone says Parcells is holding back Henson I'll :lmao2:
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    I suppose it's his way of keeping the "Times-Herald" alive.
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    I remember that game against the Lions. They thrashed us good. But we learned our lesson. Run and Shoot teams with multi-WR sets scorched us all year. Detroit was simply one of them. We didn't have the CB's to cover all they're WR's and they went up and down the field on us.

    They took us out of our gameplan ... to control the clock with a solid running game.

    We squeaked by the Bearss the prior week with a stingie D and a strong running game. The Lions weren't interested in running ... but when they did, Barry Sanders killed us.

    But the following year, we brought in the tools to take the next step ... and throttled the same Lions. We had the CB's to cover the air assault as well as the DL depth to control Barry Sanders.

    Things worked out for the better ... the Lions game taught us alot, and we learned from our weaknesses.
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    The Cowboys drafted Aikman, but that was not who Jimmy wanted. He wanted Tony Mandarich, who turned out to be a bust., thus we went ahead and drfated Aikman. This is the deal, Jimmy would have started Walsh and stayed with him until he finally came thru or he had to remove him, incidentally he did have to remove Walsh. Jerry told Jimmy that he wanted Aikman as the started, he was their No# 1 draft pick and he was paid a lot of money.

    You know what happened in Troy's career, which is why Jerry thinks he is a QB guru, now. And why we have wasted time and money on people like Hutch and Henson, because he still has Aikman on the brain.

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    In your opinion. Correct?
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    That's simply not reality. It was Jimmy who drafted Aikman, and the credit can't be given to anyone else. Perhaps Jones, the scouting department, or the assistant coaches persuaded Johnson to take Aikman, but his contract stipulated that he had total control over personnel, including the draft. Several years ago on the Sunday pre-game show, Jimmy - at the height of his fued with Jones - revealed his contract to back up his contention that it was he and not Jones that had personnel control. From the wording shown, it was obvious that Jones gave Johnson total control over personnel (interestingly, Johnson came to Dallas without a contract; it wasn't until after Johnson came to Dallas that the NFL informed the Cowboys that he had to have a contract that Jones and Johnson actually made a deal).

    Further, it was also Jimmy that traded Walsh after one season. If Johnson had been so sold on Walsh over Aikman, then he would've traded Troy instead and there's no way he could've been convinced to part with Walsh. Amazing how Jimmy gets blame for drafting Walsh and not credit for drafting Aikman, and ultimately getting rid of Walsh in favor of Aikman. He was also able to move Walsh for three picks to recoup a substantial portion of the value that was lost in the Walsh pick.

    Just as there were stories trying to give the credit for drafting Emmitt Smith to others, there was only one man in the warroom to make the deal to trade up and get Emmitt and that was Jimmy Johnson. Johnson was a jerk who was at least partially - if not equally with Jones - responsible for the end of potentally the greatest NFL dynasty of all time, but to accord him as anything less than a personnel genius is ridiculous.
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    Skip Bayless gives the media a bad name and it is reporters like him that make it tough for all the others and I feel ESPN should be ashamed to have him employed by them.
    Dose everyone remember when he said in his book that Aikman was gay , then in an interview (I can't recall who was doing the interview) They said to Troy about it then they said if you seen Skip Bayless crossing the street right Now what would you do?
    Troy said " He wouldn't make it across the street cause I'd meet him half way and punch him right in the nose". It was classic.If I didn't appreciate Troy as a mans man before that, I sure did after.
    Anything coming out of Skip Bayless mouth in my mind has to be questioned.

    I also strongly disagree about Jimmy not being high on Aikman. Aikman was a can't miss and everyone in the NFL knew it. Landry was going to draft Aikman with the pick then when the change happened it was widely known that Jerry and Jimmy was going to fallow the same plan.

    As for Walsh I belive they just thought he was too valuable to pass up ,but even with him there in my mind there was never a question . I felt you could see the talent oozing out of Troy. He just looked great.
    Walsh won the only game that year and yet they still kept Troy.
    I heard Jimmy a few seasons later say that they could have won 3 or 4 more games that year , but that would not have done us any good .
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    The only point I wish to make is that Skip Clueless is a joke. "My objectivity was not for sale". Objectivity? Outlandishness is a better word. The guy is about as far away from the word "journalist" as you can get. He is the sports equivilent of the class pest. He looks for ways to advance himself and it doesn't matter if it is at the expense of someone else's reputation, or, most of all, whether or not it is at the expense of the truth.
  13. Cowboy Junkie

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    I DITTO that !!!
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    Funny, you left Carter out of your little guru slant, typical.:rolleyes:
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    Troy would have been a Cowboy whether or not Coach Johnson was here or not.

    I still remember Coach Landry cozying up to him when the Bruins were in Texas Stadium for a workout prior to the Cotton Bowl that year.
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    Yep... and watching a game the year before, the announcers said the Dallas's Tex Schramm felt that Aikman "threw more catchable balls than any QB they had ever seen".

    No way he wasn't going to be a Cowboy if we were in position to take him...
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    Love your enthusiasism but that is the cheesiest thing I think I've ever read on this board.


    Ok now, carry on.
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    Great post Charles. All we can do is hope for the best. No one knows how a player will turn out.
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    I wish Tooey would've popped him one. Just a quick little jab below the chin. Left handed even. Just once.
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    In 1991, Aikman had a QB rating of 86.7 with a 65.3% completion rate for 2,754 yards in 12 games.(Sacked 32 times, sacked 11 times against the Eagles in one game) He had already proven that he was the man in everyones eyes except the idiot named Skip Bayless. Steve Beurlein was a great backup qb, a great acquisition to replace Babe Laufenberg, but the guy was not a franchise type qb.

    Skip Bayless failed to mention in this article his great line that the Cowboys would never win a Super Bowl with Mark Tuinei at Left Tackle.

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