Bear's 2006 Cowboys Draft Board-- Defense/ Special Teams

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by silverbear, Apr 5, 2006.

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    Mario Williams 6-7 295* DE N. Carolina St. 4.7 sec. 1st
    Mathias Kiwanuka 6-6 260* DE Boston College 4.7 sec. 1st
    Manny Lawson 6-5 240* DE/OLB N. Carolina St. 4.45 sec. 1st
    Kamerion Wimbley 6-4 250* DE/OLB Florida St. 4.65 sec. 2nd/3rd
    Parys Haralson 6-1 250* DE/OLB Tennessee 4.7 sec.* 2nd/3rd
    Elvis Dumervil 5-11 260* DE Louisville 4.65 sec. 2nd/3rd
    Stanley McClover 6-2 260* DE/OLB Auburn 4.65 sec.* 2nd/3rd
    Eric Henderson 6-2 260* DE Georgia Tech 4.7 sec. 4th/5th
    Mark Anderson 6-5 250 DE/OLB Alabama 4.75 sec. 4th/5th
    Jason Hatcher 6-6 286* DE Grambling St. 4.7 sec. 4th/5th
    Brandon Guillory 6-4 255* DE/OLB Louisiana-Monroe 4.55 sec.* 4th/5th
    Frostee Rucker 6-3 260* DE/OLB USC 4.8 sec.* 4th/5th
    James Wyche 6-5 260* DE Syracuse 4.65 sec.* 4th/5th
    Chris Gocong 6-3 265 DE Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo 4.65 sec. 4th/5th
    Paul Carrington 6-7 265* DE Central Florida 4.65 sec.* 7th/FA
    John Chick 6-3 265* DE/OLB Utah St. 4.6 sec.* 7th/FA

    Haloti Ngata 6-4 340* DT Oregon 4.95 sec. 1st
    Gabe Watson 6-4 340* DT Michigan 5.05 sec. 1st
    Kyle Williams 6-2 300* DT LSU 5.0 sec.* 2nd/3rd
    Rodrique Wright 6-5 306* DT/DE Texas 4.95 sec. 2nd/3rd
    Dusty Dvoracek 6-3 306* DT Oklahoma 4.9 sec.* 3rd/4th
    LeKevin Smith 6-3 316 DT Nebraska 5.05 sec. 3rd/4th
    Tommy Jackson 6-1 306* DT Auburn 5.1 sec.* 4th/5th
    Johnny Jolly 6-3 316* DT Texas A&M 5.05 sec. 4th/5th
    Steve Fifita 5-11 325 DT Utah 5.05 sec. 5th/6th
    Jeff Littlejohn 6-2 316 DT Middle Tennessee St. 5.05 sec. 6th/7th
    Rodney Thompson 6-2 325* DT N. Dakota St. 5.05 sec.* 7th/FA

    Chad Greenway 6-2 240* OLB Iowa 4.6 sec.* 1st
    Ernie Sims 5-11 235* OLB Florida St. 4.5 sec.* 1st/2nd
    Bobby Carpenter 6-3 250 OLB Ohio St. 4.6 sec.* 1st/2nd
    Thomas Howard 6-3 240* OLB UTEP 4.45 sec.* 1st/2nd
    Roger McIntosh 6-3 235 OLB Miami 4.6 sec.* 2nd/3rd
    Spencer Havner 6-3 235* OLB UCLA 4.65 sec.* 2nd/3rd
    Jon Alston 6-1 225* OLB/SS Stanford 4.4 sec.* 2nd/3rd
    Brian Iwuh 6-1 225* OLB/SS Colorado 4.65 sec.* 4th/5th
    Jamar Williams 6-1 240* OLB Arizona St. 4.6 sec.* 4th/5th
    Bobby Iwuchukwu 6-1 245* OLB Purdue 4.6 sec.* 5th/6th
    Ben Ishola 6-3 250* OLB Indiana 4.5 sec.* 5th/6th
    Clint Ingram 6-2 245* OLB Oklahoma 4.6 sec. 5th/6th
    Jason Hunter 6-4 235* OLB Appalachian St. 4.55 sec.* 6th/7th
    James Anderson 6-2 230* OLB Virginia Tech 4.7 sec. 7th/FA
    Brandon Hoyte 5-11 235 OLB Notre Dame 4.7 sec. 7th/FA
    Garrett McIntyre 6-3 260* OLB Fresno St. 4.75 sec.* 7th/FA
    LaDrelle Bryant 6-1 235* OLB Indiana St. 4.5 sec.* 7th/FA
    Shawn Mayne 6-2 245* OLB Connecticut 4.6 sec.* 7th/FA
    Byron Santiago 6-2 240* OLB Louisiana Tech 4.7 sec.* 7th/FA
    Ryan LaCasse 6-3 255* OLB Syracuse 4.6 sec.* 7th/FA

    Kai Parham 6-3 245* ILB Virginia 4.9 sec.* 2nd/3rd
    Abdul Hodge 6-1 235* ILB Iowa 4.65 sec.* 2nd/3rd
    Gerris Wilkerson 6-3 230* ILB Georgia Tech 4.65 sec.* 2nd/3rd
    Kevin Simon 5-10 235* ILB Tennessee 4.8 sec.* 5th/6th
    Freddie Roach 6-2 260* ILB Alabama 4.85 sec.* 5th/6th

    Jimmy Williams 6-2 216* CB/FS Virginia Tech 4.4 sec.* 1st
    Antonio Cromartie 6-2 206* CB Florida St. 4.35 sec.* 1st
    Cedric Griffin 6-1 200* CB/FS Texas 4.5 sec. 2nd/3rd
    Danieal Manning 5-11 200* CB/FS Abilene Christian 4.45 sec.* 2nd/3rd
    Alan Zemaitis 6-1 195* CB/FS Penn St. 4.55 sec.* 2nd/3rd
    Darrell Hunter 6-0 206* CB/FS Miami-Ohio 4.35 sec.* 3rd/4th
    Derrick Martin 5-10 200* CB Wyoming 4.35 sec.* 3rd/4th
    Gerrick McPhearson 5-10 195 CB/KR Maryland 4.35 sec.* 4th/5th
    Eric Bassey 6-0 195* CB Oklahoma 4.35 sec.* 4th/5th
    Justin Wyatt 5-9 190* CB USC 4.6 sec.* 5th/6th
    Chijioke Onyenegeche 6-1 210* CB Oklahoma 4.45 sec.* 6th/7th
    TJ Rushing 5-9 186* CB/KR Stanford 4.4 sec.* 7th/FA

    Michael Huff 6-1 200* FS/CB Texas 4.45 sec. 1st
    Ko Simpson 6-1 206* FS S. Carolina 4.45 sec.* 1st
    Donte Whitner 5-11 206 FS/SS Ohio St. 4.4 sec.* 2nd/3rd
    Daniel Bullocks 6-2 210 FS Nebraska 4.5 sec. 2nd/3rd
    Jason Allen 6-2 206 FS/CB Tennessee 4.45 sec. 2nd/3rd
    Greg Blue 6.2 220* FS/SS Georgia 4.55 sec.* 2nd/3rd
    Anthony Smith 6-1 195* FS Syracuse 4.55 sec.* 2nd/3rd
    Pat Watkins 6-4 206* FS Florida St. 4.45 sec.* 2nd/3rd
    Charlie Peprah 5-10 200* FS Alabama 4.55 sec.* 3rd/4th
    Marcus Hudson 6-1 195* FS N. Carolina St. 4.6 sec.* 4th/5th
    Dwayne Slay 6-3 216* S/OLB Texas Tech 4.75 sec.* 4th/5th
    Jahmile Addae 5-10 206* FS W. Virginia 4.65 sec. 5th/6th
    Nate Salley 6-3 216 S Ohio St. 4.5 sec.* 5th/6th
    Dawan Landry 6-1 216* S Georgia Tech 4.6 sec.* 5th/6th
    Trevis Coley 6-1 225* FS/SS Southern Mississippi 4.45 sec. 5th/6th
    Reed Doughty 6-1 206 FS N. Colorado 4.5 sec. 7th/FA

    Connor Hughes 5-10 175 K Virginia 4.75 sec. 6th/7th
    Josh Huston 6-1 195 K/KO Ohio St. 4.95 sec. 7th/FA
    Stephen Gostkowski 6-1 210* K/KO Memphis 5.05 sec. 7th/FA
    Jon Scifres 6-2 195 K/KO Missouri St. 5.0 sec. 6th/7th
    Thomas Olmstead 6-4 216 P/KO Troy 5.2 sec. 6th/7th
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    Note-- asterisks after the height/weight figures and the 40 times indicate verified numbers (either from the Combine workouts, or Pro Day workouts)...
  3. cobra

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    Good work, Bear.

    One thing, though...

    2/3rd for Wimbley?

    He may be gone before the Cowboys draft at #18!

    If he makes it to the 'Boys, there is reasonable chance we take him at #18.

    If we pass on him, I don't think he makes it out of the 20's.

    He is a first rounder.
  4. CallMeCrazy

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    Keep up the good work Bear. AJ Hawke is missing though, but he's an obvious 1st rounder unless I've missed some news in the past few days.
  5. CallMeCrazy

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    Sorry, just realized this is the Cowboys draft board not the whole draft ranking by position.
  6. silverbear

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    It's all good, pal...
  7. Dayton Cowboy

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    OK, Bear.. How is it that Super Mario made your list and Hawk did not?
  8. silverbear

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    Easy-- the Cowboys sat down with him at some point in time during the offseason process, can't remember when...

    This list started out as a list of players I particularly liked, but as the offseason went on, and report after report after report rolled in of the Cowboys having an interview or workout with player X, player X got added to my "master list"...

    I like Hawk, I like him a lot, but I never saw anything that had the Boys paying him special attention, other than one rumor that they were considering trying to move up to draft him... those kinds of rumors were not enough to warrant inclusion on the spreadsheet... and since he'll be off the board before the Boys pick, he didn't make the list...
  9. silverbear

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    I'm thinking you have a bit of a point, and I ought to move him up to 1st/2nd round status...
  10. dwmyers

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    I don't see Mark Anderson as 4th/5th either, though I can't tell you exactly why. Good intangibles, good pass rusher, and I recall he had a good combine workout as well.

  11. Rack Bauer

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    I thought these things were ONLY the cowboys draft board?

    No way in hell will Mario Williams be available at #18. And it's not a position of need so they won't be trading up for him either.

    He's a top 10 pick.


    Crap, just saw that someone else already mention him.

    If you're gonna go by heresay, the cowboys were rumored to be considering the idea of trading up for AJ Hawk. Might as well have him on your list.

    Nevertheless, we won't be drafting Mario Williams. Although if by some miracle he did drop to 18, I wouldn't mind taking him eventhough we don't need him.
  12. dwmyers

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    But Silverbear will always make an exception for a big ole fella, I'm sure ;).
  13. silverbear

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    Rack, I don't know what's up with you today, but you really ought to pay attention... I have told you that some players made the list simply because the Cowboys either interviewed them one on one, or worked them out, at some point in these past few weeks...

    IOW, the board is a synthesis of players that I like, and players the Cowboys are known to have shown an interest in...

    Yeah, I read that RUMOR, too... that's somewhat different from players we KNOW the Cowboys have interviewed or worked out... now, do you have a link to anybody saying that the Cowboys either interviewed Hawk, or worked him out??

    If not, and if this bothers you so very much, perhaps you should make up your own list, and quit wearin' me out over mine...

    By now, I think you've made it quite clear that you don't care much for my list, indeed you seem to think it was a wasted effort... others seem to think it's interesting...
  14. Rack Bauer

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    Nothing wrong with me, Pal.

    You really need to lighten up. I figured the smilie I left was enough to make the sarcasm in my post clear. I guess I'll just have to announce it word for word from now on.

    What's wrong with you?

    :cool: <<< Note the smilie.
  15. Sitting Bull

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    Good work, Silverbear. You listed all of the defensive players of interest that I had for Dallas, and then some. Agree with Cobra that Wimbley is a lock to go between pick #14-#40.
  16. cowboysfan31

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    Not a bad list, though there were some notable players that I didn't see included:

    DE: Ray Edwards
    DT: Babatunde Oshinowo, Barry Coefield, and Montavious Stanley
    OLB: DeMeco Ryans
    ILB: Anthony Schlegel, Tim Dobbins
    CB: DeMario Minter, Charles Gordon
    S: Antoine Bethea, Roman Harper

    Also since the Cowboys primary need is a kickoff guy right now, I definately wouldn't put Conor Hughes at the top of our list. He's quite small, and there are questions as to whether or not he could handle KO duties in the NFL. As a matter of fact, he only kicked off twice last year and averaged only 36.5 yards/kickoff though he did have 1 touchback.
  17. silverbear

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    Oh, if you're just jerkin' my chain, carry on... LOL...

    It sure seemed like you had a problem with my list...
  18. silverbear

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    In most of those cases, the problem was 40 times that did not meet my minimum criteria for the position in question...

    Though I'm a UVa fan, Hughes would not be at the top of my list for kickers, either... he'll be a good field goal man in the NFL, I think, but he is NOT a kickoff specialist... what he is, though, is the top-rated kicker that the Cowboys have shown an interest in, hence his position at the top of the list...

    Personally, I'd target Josh Huston, who had right at 70 per cent of his kickoffs go for touchbacks... after him, Gostkowski would be my second choice, he apparently has a pretty strong leg too...
  19. Rack Bauer

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    Nah I don't have a problem with the list. Just needed the clarification. After that I just decided to mess with you a bit.

    So why is Vince Young on your list? You think he has a chance to drop or was it cuz of that rumor that we might move up for him?
  20. silverbear

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    He makes the list because Jerry sounded off at the Combine about him, suggesting he had an interest in him... there isn't a snowball's chance in Hades of that happening, of course, but my rule was if the Cowboys had a documented interest in a player, no matter what I might personally think about him, that player goes on the list...

    Trust me, a safety who runs a 4.7 40 (Dwayne Slay) would NEVER have made my list if it was just my preference...

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