Bears defense.... whoa!

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by nathanlt, Nov 20, 2005.

  1. nathanlt

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    I saw the last few minutes of the Bears D manhandling the Carolina Panthers "best in the red zone" offense. The Bears D is developing into something impressive.

    While it's probably too early to start comparing them to the 1985 Bears like ESPN has, it's very likely that this team would make it to the NFC championship.

    I think that it's likely that Dallas can make it to the NFC championship game as well. What a defensive matchup that would be. Especially since our defense is getting better every week. We will have to see! Let's hope those Bears don't get home-field advantage.

    Looking past simply making the playoffs this year, I am hoping for home field advantage, we will need it!
  2. T-New41

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    The Bears have a very good Defensive Line and a very good Secondary. I dont have any stats, but I would bet they are at the top or very near the top in creating turnovers.

    Nathan Vasher seems to make the Sportscenter Highlights very frequently. I was hoping the Boys would draft him, but oh well.
  3. kojak

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    Yeah I will give them props. They are 7-3 with a QB who has only thrown for 200 yards once this season. They have some tough games coming in the next few weeks. Should be interesting to see if they can keep it up.
  4. Matt

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    the question is.. can the bears play on the road come playoff time?

    How about this for a dream scenerio...


    WEEK 1 - BYE
    WEEK 2 - CHI @ DAL

    SB - us vs a team not too good on the turf in the afc.. PIT, CIN?
  5. Billy Bullocks

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    No, and they will have to. Impressive win today. I've always been a Lovie Smith fan. I don't think there were any doubts he'd have the defense up and running soon, but hot damn, they do look good on D. But we've learned this ourselves, you wont win that many games when you score 13 points. Nice to see Thomas Jones finally live up to his billing as well.
  6. thewivil

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    The current Bears' D has given up less points at this point in the season than the '85 Bears did.

    And I'm glad too, cause they're on my Fantasy team.
  7. Hostile

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    They couldn't have been that good. They play a 4 man front and cover 2.

  8. ravidubey

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    The 1985 Bears steamrolled the power elite of the NFC-- they smashed Washington 45 to something, goose-egged Dallas 44-0, shut down SF's offense 26-7 (Lott had a defensive TD), and blanked the Rams and Giants 24-0 and 21-0 in the playoffs. They beat New England in the Superbowl 46-10 (after pummeling htem in the reg season too) and it wasn't even that close. They totally redefined domination.

    You can't mention these two teams in the same sentence, and anyone who did this at ESPN is a non-football knowing, attention-grabbing blowhard. Call them the Monsters of the Midway again-- whatever, but don't even think of comparing them to one of the very best teams the NFL has ever fielded.
  9. Juke99

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    most impressive stat of that game... 8 sacks, all by defensive linemen.
  10. Zman5

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    What a bunch of wussies. :laugh1:
  11. Jimz31

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    They have allowed only 9 TD's all year.
  12. stokee

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    Before we get on the bears bandwagon. I don't see one powerhouse they played.

    at Washington L 7-9
    Offense ranking 13

    Detroit W 38-6
    Offense ranking 27

    Cincinnati L 7-24
    Offense ranking 3

    at Cleveland L 10-20
    Offense ranking 20

    Minnesota W 28-3
    Offense ranking 25

    Baltimore W 10-6
    Offense ranking 26

    at Detroit W (OT) 19-13
    Offense ranking 27

    at New Orleans W 20-17
    Offense Ranking 16

    San Francisco W 17-9
    Offense ranking 32

    Carolina W 13-3
    Offense ranking 24
  13. Jarv

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    You nailed it right there Juke !
  14. Jarv

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    Hos Dude, that is a hybrid 3-4...the 4th linemen is a LB in disguise...
  15. percyhoward

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    Carolina was overrated coming into this game.

    Carolina had been rolling up big numbers against average-to-bad pass defenses. And I'm not talking about yards per game, but about passes defended, INT's and sacks. Carolina has only faced two teams ranked in the top ten in sacks, and Carolina has lost both games.
  16. InmanRoshi

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    Ugh, Carolina is regarded as a pretty good team last time I checked.
  17. Dallas22

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    Come on now, Carolina is a very good team all around team and the Bears handled them. The NFC has NO powerhouse teams, while the AFC has the Colts, they also have MANY GOOD teams.

    The Bears played the Bengals and Browns, and lost to both. The Browns are not very good, but Cincy is a top team (like Carolina). The Bears will also play some decent teams in the next couple of weeks - Except for a divisional game against the Packers, the Bears play TB, PIT & ATL. I think that they then finish off against the Pack and the Vikings.

    The Bears win on Sunday really took a big step to establish them as one of the better teams in the NFC, not just a PREtender that was lucky to be in an easy division. I must say though, that the Bears are in the easiest division in the NFL and, so far, have not played aganst very good teams in general.

    Finally, I do think that the Cowboys CAN be one of the better teams in the NFL, and the BEST team in the NFC, but right now, they are too inconsistant. I think that Parcells is a genius when it comes to creating a game-plan against each individual opponent that the Cowboys play, so... even if we played the Bears in the playoffs (if we make it), I think that limiting our mistakes on Offense will get us a hard fought victory against Chi-Town.


  18. lspain1

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    I also think Carolina is a bit overrated. Delhomme to Smith has been their only consistent offense. Their running offense has been nonexistent except Stephen Davis for a couple of yards to get into the end zone. Their defense has been OK but not totally impressive. They caught TB right after Griese went down. I

    All of that being said the Bears look pretty good to me. Their defense and special teams play are superb representing 2/3's of the game and that's not bad when your offense is good enough not to beat itself. I don't want to play them at home!
  19. notherbob

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    I've been saying during the last two pre-seasons that the Bears were becoming some to have to deal with and they are really beginning to look the part. Right now they are clearly the power in the NFC North. Detroit has been trying to emerge the last few years, but Chicago has passed them right by while Green Bay has declined and Minny has imploded.

    I expect Minny to have a totally new look next year while Detroit continues to build and green Bay continues to decline.

    In the off-season Dallas is going to have to re-tool it's front line if it is going to be able to matchup well against Chicago's improved D. I expect BP to focus on the O this next off-season.
  20. Chocolate Lab

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    And how good could a defense without Scott Shanle really be?

    I'm happy for Lovie Smith, though... I always liked that guy.

    Before yesterday, I thought Carolina was probably the best team in the NFC. Now, I'm not so sure. I wish I could have seen that game yesterday to see how it actually played out.

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