Bears DT Harris may be out for season *Merged*

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by dmq, Dec 8, 2006.

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    Bears DT Harris may be out for season

    LAKE FOREST, Ill. (AP) Chicago Bears defensive tackle Tommie Harris, who made the Pro Bowl a year ago, could miss the remainder of the season with a severe hamstring injury.

    Harris left Sunday's game against Minnesota in the third quarter with what was originally announced as a sprained left knee. Coach Lovie Smith said Monday the injury was not considered season-ending.

    But on Thursday Smith said the hamstring injury was more severe than the knee sprain and that Harris was slated to go to Dallas to see a specialist. He added that Harris could miss the remaining four regular-season games and perhaps even the playoffs.

    The Bears (10-2) clinched the NFC North on Sunday.

    ``They're two separate injuries. The knee injury wasn't as severe as we thought, but the hamstring is more severe,'' Smith said.

    ``When I talk about hamstrings, as you look at the play, he has a significant pull. With that in mind, it could be regular season or it could be farther than that. But again, you're asking me to play doctor right now and I do choose not to do that.''

    Harris was already listed as out of Monday night's game at St. Louis when Smith made the announcement.

    ``Normally we don't put a player out this early. That shows you how severe we think the injury is,'' Smith said.

    Losing Harris could be a major blow to the league's top-ranked defense because of his quickness and strength. The Bears' first-round draft pick in 2004 out of Oklahoma, the 6-foot-3, 295-pound Harris has five sacks this season and 11 1/2 in his short career. He's often been double teamed this season.

    ``No one else in the league has a player like Tommie Harris,'' Smith said. ``Now I see us being like everyone else. Everyone else has played without a dominant player like that. Does it change the dynamics of our team, the defensive line? Yes for sure.''

    The Bears will likely turn to Ian Scott, with Alfonso Boone and Antonio Garay as backups. Tank Johnson has been the starter alongside Harris.

    ``He's an irreplaceable player,'' Lance Briggs, a Pro Bowl linebacker, said of Harris.

    ``You can go down the line, and offensive linemen all over the league say Tommie's the hardest guy to defend, he's so fast and his technique is really good. But we have guys who have been in it, who have been in the system for a while and will do a good job.''
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    If he's out for the rest of the season it's a big blow. He's a good player.
    This is almost as bad as having Rex Grossman as your QB.
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    I saw this scroll across the bottom while watching a basketball game last night - did nobody else notice it? Tommie Harris, Bears DT I believe, was reported to have injuried his hammy I think and may miss the rest of the season, or so it said. Do I have my facts right? Did anyone else see this, or was I dreaming again...? If true this puts a crimp in their hopes!
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    It's being reported on Mike and Mike this morning as well...

    But they're saying he MAY not play again this year however his injury is pretty bad...
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    I hope he makes it back for his Cowboy butt whippen

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