Bears DT Tank Johnson has house raided

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by BigWillie, Dec 14, 2006.

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    Home of Bears' lineman Tank Johnson reportedly raided

    December 14, 2006
    A search warrant reportedly was executed at the home of Chicago Bears’ defensive lineman Tank Johnson Thursday morning.

    The search warrant was executed at a home on the 400 block of North Delaney Road in Gurnee, according to a release from the Gurnee police department.

    Entry was made into the home at 10:58 a.m. and the occupants -- a 26-year-old man, a 25-year-old woman and a toddler and an infant -- were secured at 11:04 a.m., the release said.

    Officers with the Northern Illinois Police Alarm System (NIPSA) assisted in the execution of the warrant. No one was injured in service of the warrant and area residents were not in any danger, the release said.

    Items sought in the warrant were recovered inside the home, the release said. The nature of the warrant and a description of the items was not being released.

    The Lake County State’s Attorney’s office will review the matter, according to the release.

    No charges have been filed in the case, pending review, the release said, though a man was reportedly taken from the home in handcuffs.

    Gurnee Police Cmdr. Jay Patrick was not available to comment on whether the home was Johnson’s.
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    Wow. The release said.
  3. Aikbach

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    SO does this mean Tommie Harris and Johnson could both be absent in the playoffs? I won't get too excited, last time an opponent wasn't at full strength they were New Orleans and then San francisco in 1995.

    Maybe Dallas is better on the road against playoff teams.
  4. Catch-22

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    $1,000 says this doesn't get 1/10th of the air time the TO overdose drama got.
  5. Seven

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    $10,000 says Tank doesn't open his big fat trap.
  6. 1fisher

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    :bow: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2:
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    Please, no one knows who the hell Tank Johnson is without an explanation. This is just a little bit different.
  8. Charles

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    :lmao2: :laugh2: :lmao:
  9. CowboyJeff

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    maybe they were searching for Lovie Smith's raise.
  10. GTaylor

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  11. khiladi

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    I never knew opening a big fat trap was worse than having your own house being raided for drugs...

    but let's not speculate about the drugs... let's leave the speculation to alleged suicide attempts...
  12. Dallas

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    Tommie Harris had hamstring surgery. He was placed on IR last week.

  13. Rack Bauer

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    :hammer: X 1000.
  14. stag hunter

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    Maybe you don't, but I think he is one of the better known defensive linemen in the league, if for no other reason than his first name and the fact that it is spelled out in its entirety on the back of his jersey
  15. needforspeed

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  16. hendog

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    I hardly think a "Tank" qualifies as a firearm.:rolleyes:
  17. The30YardSlant

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    His name is "Tank". What did you expect?
  18. The30YardSlant

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    Tell that to this guy

  19. hendog

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    Those Chinese will do anything for some egg drop soup!
  20. Hostile

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    Until the day I die I don't think I will ever see anything braver than that moment in History. No joke, that is the bravest thing I've ever seen.

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