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Bears to hire Decamillis as Asst Head Coach/ST Coordinator

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. Nation

    Nation Well-Known Member

    3,252 Messages
    1,919 Likes Received
    Our ST units have struggled because we don't have good players playing on special teams (top heavy roster) not because of poor coaching
  2. Zordon

    Zordon Well-Known Member

    14,061 Messages
    13,786 Likes Received
    Does anybody know why Decamillis has been wanting out the last few years?
  3. AbeBeta

    AbeBeta Well-Known Member

    28,354 Messages
    2,932 Likes Received
    I bet Wes gets a crack at TE actually.
  4. rocboy22

    rocboy22 Active Member

    1,606 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    I think Wade brought him here maybe?
  5. mldardy

    mldardy Well-Known Member

    9,539 Messages
    2,733 Likes Received
    Yeah I'm sure lining up and missing blocking assignments and doing squib/onside kicks after a score when we have momentum is on not having good players.:bang2: Joe D was not a good ST coach while he was here.
  6. InmanRoshi

    InmanRoshi Zone Scribe

    18,334 Messages
    79 Likes Received
    I pretty much signed off on Coach D after the 12 men on the field penalty against Seattle on the punt return unit that gave them an automatic first down and allowed them to ice the game in the 4th quarter.
  7. newlander

    newlander Well-Known Member

    8,205 Messages
    123 Likes Received

    ..........COMPLETELY fair statement: this guy has been bad for 3 years and so have his "SPECIAL" teams: good riddance Joe D.:starspin
  8. newlander

    newlander Well-Known Member

    8,205 Messages
    123 Likes Received

    .........because the organization is a laughing stock?:lmao2:

    ......that much is true, but he sucked at his job so sayonara Joe D.
  9. Lesterbut

    Lesterbut Member

    83 Messages
    23 Likes Received
    Just heard on the Ticket that Coach D has been released from his contract in order to join the Bears staff as their special teams coach...
  10. MichaelWinicki

    MichaelWinicki "You want some?" Staff Member

    40,231 Messages
    11,902 Likes Received

    I think the Cowboys retained him just because of the neck issue... Not because he was a terrrific ST coach.
  11. CowboysYanksLakers

    CowboysYanksLakers Well-Known Member

    5,461 Messages
    1,172 Likes Received
    This is grrrrrrrrreat news!
  12. RS12

    RS12 Well-Known Member

    21,100 Messages
    8,079 Likes Received
    They can have him.
  13. Aven8

    Aven8 Well-Known Member

    9,418 Messages
    6,881 Likes Received
    3 Down......8 or so to go.
  14. Rynie

    Rynie Benched

    4,606 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    Na-Na-Na-na...Na-na-na-na...HEY HEYYYY...GOOOOOOODBYE!!!
  15. Chocolate Lab

    Chocolate Lab Run-loving Dino

    33,928 Messages
    2,894 Likes Received
    He wanted to leave last year and Garrett (or Jerry or whoever) wouldn't let him.
  16. Zordon

    Zordon Well-Known Member

    14,061 Messages
    13,786 Likes Received
    i wonder what juicy details we'll hear about coach D now that he's gone.
  17. Gameover

    Gameover Well-Known Member

    5,874 Messages
    1,769 Likes Received
    from who?

    IAMKING Benched

    1,253 Messages
    1 Likes Received
  19. Zordon

    Zordon Well-Known Member

    14,061 Messages
    13,786 Likes Received
    talking cowboys/cowboys break...
  20. reddyuta

    reddyuta Well-Known Member

    12,041 Messages
    4,702 Likes Received
    Great news.

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