Bears to hire Decamillis as Asst Head Coach/ST Coordinator

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jan 16, 2013.

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    Yea, I did. He's incredibly lucky he's not sitting today.

    In some sense, his injury was worse than Rich Behm's. Damn near decapitated him!
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    Yes sir.
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    Will they promote boniol or look elsewhere?
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    That was the last straw. The first one was him screaming at Garrett to call the time out against Arizona in 2011.

    Bruce Reed was horrible. DeCamillis was marginally better.

    Dallas set some very embarrassing records with DeCamillis on board. I will not miss him in the least.
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    I can't remember the last time we had a good special teams coach. Partially tongue in cheek, but it's been a while.
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    Its not that hard to remember.

    Bruce dehaven's four years were pretty much excellent.

    in 04 our kick coverage unit was number 1

    flozell adams blocked three extra points in 03 a team record.

    randal Williams great return against the eagles.

    off the top of my head I don't recall a single kick or punt return against us from 03-06. I am sure I am wrong I cant remember one. I think maybe det in 06 hit one but I am too lazy to look it up.

    Of course we had a real head coach, which we have not had since the day parcells left and that probably has something to do with it.
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    The Fan 105.3, the station that broadcasts the Cowboys games, also has mentioned Hoffman.

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