Beasley: Scandrick is best slot corner on team

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Nirvana, Aug 20, 2013.

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    Not really helping your own cause there beasley.
  3. FiveRings

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    Bease and Moore are good buddies too. You could classify Moore as a slot corner, right? I'm interested to see how he's used this year, either in the slot or as a safety
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    I don't think Beas has anything to worry about. He might not have the "upside" some other guys have, but he's clearly shown more than everyone but Dez and Miles as far as WR goes.
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    I don't see how he said anything that was counterproductive.

    The guy is going to be a legit inside receiver, and I look forward to situations that call for his skill set.

    Best thing about this offense is having a multitude of players with different skill sets that can be used situationally to put us in the best situation.

    If you're 3rd and long, you probably don't want to put Escobar out there. You might want to use a four receiver set and maybe even a 5 receiver set.
  6. Redball Express

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    Beasley reminds me of Patrick Crayton. That's the role he needs to re-create for Romo.

    Romo to me has been a far less effective QB since Robinson and then Crayton before him left town.

    Beasley must remain healthy and play this year for the offense.

    We'll see.
  7. Idgit

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    There are definitely a lot of MB posters who aren't going to agree with him. I don't know about you, but I see absolutely no reason to think the MB posters are in the wrong about Scandrick. After all, Jerry gave him too much money, probably. I mean, we don't know what a lot of money is in this context, but it sure sounded like a lot.
  8. Galian Beast

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    That is the general nature of 2 man under.

    You have both outside wide receivers who are covered by corners in man, with two safeties deep over the top.

    This is done to shut down two wide receivers.

    It leaves the middle open and opportunities for the run game.

    - Witten gets lots of empty yards and catches
    - Running game hasn't been able to take advantage and force teams out of Man 2.

    You put in a third receiver though, and it changes the dynamic. Instead of Witten inside, you have a much more dynamic option, that is more difficult to stop because it's harder to jam a slot receiver, you don't have the sideline to assist you. So that 3rd receiver (especially if it is designated M. Austin) has the ability to beat you badly, and you have to address it.

    You can address it with either a safety or a linebacker. If you use a safety, you now have single man coverage on one outside receiver (in this case it would be Terrance Williams) who can beat you deep.

    If you use a linebacker, you now have one less person to blitz. As you would note that it also leaves the tight end and running back with only one player allotted to them.

    The biggest things that can help romo this year are:

    1. Running game that demands 8 in the box.
    2. Third WR who is a legitimate threat
    3. Mismatches with 2nd tight end and 4th wide receiver.

    The first thing you want to create is single coverage, the second thing you want to create is a mismatch in that single coverage.

    I didn't mention it above but the line giving romo and the receivers more time also goes towards this same goal.

    It's time for this offense to impose it's will on defenses, and it really boils down to whether or not the offensive line will allow us to do that.
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    I agree with all of this but I wouldn't sit Harris Witten Miles heck even Hanna in favor of Beasley in those situations. I personally think Harris has more upside because of his size and ability to break tackles and he is more physical at the point of attack. Everyone is always looking for the "welker" guy and as much as everyone says they don't want to be the pats it's clear they do because of how many people prop Beasley up as this unstoppable WR. Sorry he isn't a big nor is he strong at the point of attack like Harris is. To be honest I think Hanna is going to benefit because he is so athletic and big

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